Save your tables from water rings with Metro icon coasters


Is your desk drab and colorless? Are your tables often covered with water rings…or worse, coffee rings? Solve these problems with some Metro icon coasters! The coasters are 3.5” in diameter and come in a classic “M” logo tin. They’re on sale now at the online Metro Store for $13.75.

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  1. Seems like most of these Metro Store items were made for Metro employees who have desk jobs instead of riders. And it looks like even Metro employees themselves aren’t buying the stuff that they sell on their own store.

    If the Metro Store aims to sell items to earn some extra cash, why don’t they sell stuff on what commuters and travelers use as they travel about the Metro system? Why don’t you come up with an official Metro mascot? Cute sells these days. Then sell products based off of that mascot. How about an iPhone case? Ear plugs? A watch? A TAP card wallet? A backpack? Clear folders? Key chain? Pepper spray? An instruction manual and DVD set on how to ride Metro and municipal agencies with all these confusing fares and transfers rules?

    Seriously, what good is a coffee mug and a coaster going to do? You can’t drink while riding on Metro. And if I’m going to be using at home or at the office, there’s far better designs with higher quality for much cheaper price at other online retailers and at physical stores that don’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

  2. Close to a month ago, I noted that the Metro Map Mug had 125 in inventory.

    As of today they still have 115 mugs available.

    Metro sold a whopping 10 mugs in a month. My ten year old nephew can sell the same amount of candy bars for school fundraising in about a day.

    Gee at this rate, we might as all just wait it out when Metro does a blowout clearance sale to get rid of inventory.

  3. By continuing to push these items when the shipping is so high, you are having a negative impact. Metro (through The Source) has received copious and un equivical feedback about the high shipping. Rather than holding off these promotions until the issue is addressed, the plowing ahead with these postings is generating ill will. It makes it appear tha Metro is out of touch, does not heed feedback, and is aiming these at audience that is willing to pay $6.50 each for a bit of tin and cork. (That would generally exclude 75% or more of the MTA ridership, based upon ‘disposable income’.)

    At least last time Steve included a “Yes, we know the shipping is high….” type of note.

  4. Cute, but shouldn’t condensate be captured and recycled during the drought? I use mine to wash the cat.