UPDATE: Blue and Expo Lines resume normal service

UPDATE: 9:40 a.m.- Blue and Expo Lines resume normal service. Metro thanks you for your continued patience and understanding.

The Metro Blue and Expo Lines are currently experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes due to a train-auto incident near Pico Station.

Trains are sharing the Downtown LA-bound tracks between both Pico to Grand/LATTC stations for the Blue Line and Pico to LATTC/Ortho Institute stations for the Expo Line.

Delays are expected to last through rush hour. See here for alternate service in the area.

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3 replies

  1. Remember folks, free transfers happens in 9/15!

    Of course, if you’re willing to waste 20 minutes of that free transfer grace period waiting for train delays that’s no fault of your own.

  2. I don’t quit understand, why Metro didn’t build aerial tracks on Flower Street? Metro still can do it before the Regional Connector opens.

  3. “Delays are expected to last through rush hour.” Which rush hour?: morning or afternoon? The dateline for the updated article says 9:40 AM, which is after the end of the morning rush hour.