FlyAway bus to begin service from Hollywood to LAX

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If you live in Hollywood, you no longer have to travel to downtown to catch the FlyAway bus to LAX. Starting today, FlyAway will run service to LAX from the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue, across the street from the Red Line Hollywood/Vine Station and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Service from Hollywood starts at 5:15 a.m. and will run hourly until 10:15 p.m. One-way fare is $8 for adults and free for children 5 and younger.  Airport officials estimate that more than 100,000 people will ride the shuttle in its first year of operation.

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  1. LAWA is clearly doing the least possible to implement this service. It’s a sign on the street with not even a bus shelter. Reviews so far are terrible on reliability. Does anyone know what route it takes? I heard 101-110-10-405, which is the worst possible option.

  2. I yearn for the day when there’s a true rail connection to LAX to all over the southland instead of relying on buses.

  3. Flyaway is run by LAWA, right? Is it possible to get details on its financial performance? LAWA has a history of making it difficult to establish convenient mass transit to LAX (including, most recently, its designs for the LAX people mover, which are a lot less convenient for passengers than, say, a straight connection along Century from Aviation to the individual terminals). I wonder how much of this opposition comes from trying to protect LAWA’s revenue sources, including the expanding Flyaway network.

    • As I recall the Flyaway service was mandated under the settlement agreement between LAWA and the neighboring communities over expansion of the airport itself.

  4. Bummer that they dropped the Expo FlyAway. (According to LAWA’s website it was discontinued Tuesday night). I thought the original plans were for the Hollywood FlyAway to stop at Expo to/from the airport? It was “semi-convenient” for me because I could take the bus from Wilshire/LaBrea down to Expo station instead of schlepping to Union Station or Westwood. It was only “semi-convenient” because the stupid thing only ran every two hours.

    • At that rate you might as well take regular Metro service and save the money. The 102 from Expo/Western only costs $1.50 (or free with a transfer starting September 15) and runs every 30-60 minutes to Expo/Western. Yes you have to make a transfer to the Lot C bus, but they come pretty frequently.

    • They said some days only one or two people were using it the entire day!!! It wasn’t popular at all