Thanks for riding Metro to Made in America

A big thank you to everyone who took Metro to Made in America! Thousands traveled via Metro to the two-day festival, and from some of the tweets we received, many took the event as an opportunity to try Metro for the first time. I hope you all enjoyed the journey and ride with Metro again.

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  1. Stop patting yourselves on the back. This was a disaster for those of us using buses in or through downtown. Dozens of routes were on detour and there was no information anywhere as to where to catch a bus. Metrolink was on vacation on Memorial Day, so there was no promised rail service from LAUS to Bob Hope. And there was no way to find the MTA bus downtown, which meant more than a dozen people schlepping around the Civic Center with suitcases, some late for planes.

    I notice that MTA has several people in their PR department, writing self-congratulatory posts like this. Do any of you actually use public transit? Did any of you actually use public transit last weekend? Why can’t you direct some effort to actual public relations with the people who actually use MTA and Metrolink service?

    Why was there no information about bus detours at LAUS last weekend? In fact, why are there no bus route maps at LAUS, except on the Red Line platform?

    Metro + Rock Concert = FAIL.

    Metro crowing about last weekend? worse than FAIL.

  2. If a station is closed, perhaps Metro ought to turn off the lights for the entry pylons to that station. Lights on indicates the station is open.

    Let me guess, the lights for the pylon were never place on their own circuit?

  3. It might have been somewhat helpful to have offered some explanation of what it was, for the benefit of those of us who were taking Metro to John Williams Night at the Bowl (and in my case, also to a nice dinner at Musso & Frank’s). All I saw were signs saying how to get to an event I’d never heard of (and that, by name and location alone, sounded more like some sort of street-fair).

    With the Civic Center Station closed for the duration, thank goodness Disney Hall, the Chandler, the Taper, and the Ahmanson were evidently all dark this past weekend.