Service Advisory: 30-day closure of four downtown Long Beach Blue Line stations start Sept. 20

Blue Line closure alert poster
A reminder: Metro will start work on station and rail improvements on four Blue Line stations in Long Beach starting Saturday, September 20. The work will require a 30-day closure of Downtown Long Beach Station, Pacific Street Station, 1st Street Station and 5th Street Station. Metro will operate free bus shuttles in place of rail service in the Long Beach Loop during the closure.

Customers will be able to ride the bus shuttles from Anaheim Street Station to the four stations listed above at no charge. Shuttles will run at the same Blue Line service levels and will be scheduled to meet trains for transfers. At Anaheim Street Station, regular train service will continue northward to Los Angeles.

Buses in Long Beach will be detouring off 1st Street to Ocean Avenue during the closure. First Street will be closed from Long Beach Boulevard to Pacific Avenue during construction. Pedestrian and bicycle access on 1st Street will remain open.

We will continue to update The Source with more information on the project as it progresses. You can also check the Blue Line Upgrades page for rail alerts or follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts to get service advisories.

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14 replies

  1. on September 20 around 5am , How do I come from down town Long Beach, to connect to the red line?

    • Take the free shuttle from the Blue Line’s downtown Long Beach stations to the Anaheim Station and board the train there!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Why are there no Express trains anywhere on Metro? Riding the Red line to Blue line from North Hollywood to Long Beach, for example, is a 1hr 45min affair if I’m lucky, with a lot of stops I know I’m not getting off at. Same with NoHo to Culver City. The local service has its obvious use, but the system is large enough that it really needs Express schedules. Please add express trains!

    • The answer to that is because of the lack of train tracks. For limited and express services, you need additional tracks so it can bypass some stations or overtake slower local service stations.

      Metro Rail only has one track in each direction only. Short of a massive eminent domain to buy out surrounding properties, LA Metro will never have a express or limited services for Metro Rail.

      You can thank your short sighted city planners for that.

  3. I catch the train at the pacific station where will I catch the shuttle bus at?

    • Hi Muriel,

      The shuttle stop will be across the street from Pacific Station. Metro will have signage posted at the location to indicate where the shuttle will stop, and we will post the exact stops here on the Source once our map is finalized (hopefully by next week).


      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  4. I will be taking the MTA to the Long Beach Marathon bike tour on October 12. Will the shuttle buses be able to accommodate bicycles?

  5. as I understand this update, if my routine was to catch the departing metro blue line from Long Beach to DTLA (Mon – Fri) at 6:42 a.m., nothing changes on time, except that I will be shuttled in to the Anaheim station? I should be expecting that the shuttle will get me to Anaheim station at the scheduled 6:48 a.m., right? I am so confused.

    • You are correct. The bus shuttles will match the train schedule as closely as possible in order to facilitate transfers at Anaheim Street Station, where the Blue Line will run on the normal schedule.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  6. The link for Blue Line Upgrades affirms that there will be “Additional law enforcement and security personnel.” Does this mean that there will be greater enforcement of rules against solicitation and playing loud music?