T&Y Bakery opens at Union Station!

coconut thingUnion Station’s has a brand new attraction. T&Y Bakery opened this morning with pastry and cookies and French macaroons and this amazing coconut confection that turned out to be the perfect way to calm a 3 p.m. hunger attack.

T&Y stands for Tbilisi & Yerevan (the capitol cities of Georgia and Armenia) and the bakery selections reflect that heritage. Pierogi, baclava, cannoli, breads, black and white cookies. What more could we want? Well, maybe ice cream but Ben & Jerry’s is just next door and Starbucks is across the concourse.

There are T&Ys in two other L.A. locations, in West Hollywood and at the Farmers Market at Fairfax and 3rd Street.

What with the Japanese convenience store Famima, Wetzel’s Pretzels and this new Russian bakery, Union Station is becoming quite the international destination … just like L.A. itself.

Here’s the T&Y Bakery video from The Farmers Market site.


4 replies

  1. Generally the wind blows east. But why are the giant fans in union station blowing west? All it seems to do is lock in the hot air. On top of that why don’t Subway Restaurant and Wetzel’s Pretzel vent their ovens to the outside instead of to the lobby? That has to be some kind of health code violation. too much CO2.

  2. When y’all gonna bring some soul food up in there so I can eat “cullud” greens, cornbread, and chitlins on Pacific Surfliner breezing by the ocean?