Get on the move with the Transit Trailblazers

Public transportation plays a large role in helping older adults stay mobile. But as much as many of them want to ride buses or trains, trying to figure out routes, times and fares can sometimes be a little intimidating. That’s where On the Move Riders Club comes in.

On the Move Riders Club is part of Metro’s outreach to older adults. Project Manager Lilly Ortiz visits senior citizen centers around Los Angeles County to teach older adults about the benefits of public transit and familiarize them with local transportation options. Find out how to get a Senior TAP card and stay updated on fun events and transit outings!


The video above features the Transit Trailblazers, one of the On the Move Riders groups based in Burbank. On the Move Riders Club has groups throughout Los Angeles County. For more information or to start a club, call 213.922.2299 or email

Riders who are 62 and older are eligible for heavily discounted Metro fares if using a senior TAP. Please click here for information about how to apply. Below is the chart showing the new fares that take effect on Sept. 15:


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  1. What a great program to increase the independence and mobility of older adults!

  2. I think the hardest thing for Seniors and people who are disabled is getting a tap card. It is so difficult it is ridiculous. You almost have to go to Union Station to apply for one. I know of no other places to get one because Metro does not make the information public. A person almost wastes an hour standing in line twice having to fill out an application, pay three dollars to have a picture taken for the card, waiting to take a picture in booth where the machine only communicates with you in spanish, having customer service make a photo of your drivers license and having to walk to a machine to put money on the tap card. And some of the people in Metro Customer Service are lazy, talk among themselves while customers are waiting and basically they act like they do not even care at all. I find that Metro Customer Service and the tap to go office is just a joke with the employees because they seem to be lazy and do nothing. I guess Metro supervisors and managers don’t care and this is how the Metro Customer Service and tap to go office employees manage to keep their jobs.

    • The worst part is that you, the taxpayer paid for all of this. That lazy union employee who does nothing earns more than you make and you pay for their salary.

    • Foothill Transit offers to take the photo for you for free and is a lot better experience than Metro. Take the Silver Line to El Monte Station and experience the difference.

    • Actually, you can put senior fares on regular TAP cards.
      You can not put a Senior Day Pass on a regular TAP card. I suggest getting two TAP cards–one for Peak Senior Fare and one for Off-Peak Senior Fare. Write on the cards which is which. This would also be a way for visitors to LA to get Senior Fares at the Airport Light Rail station. You can load up to 8 fares at a time on a TAP card. Of course, if you are going to do heavy duty riding you will need to get a ‘Senior TAP’ card in order to get a Day Pass.

      For what it is worth, the Sheriff’s are fully aware of this.

  3. Hi, I’m trying to figure out who the extra zone charges apply to but I can’t find any information about it on the site. The only thing I found is that there are at least zones (1 and 2). Is it geographic-based, if so what are the boundaries?

    • The Zone charges are for things like the Silver Line, not the Rapids, or the locals.

      • Actually, the Zones have to do with Express Buses on freeways.
        The Silver Line has its own fare system.
        [Best to get a Day Pass if you are a regular rider.]

    • Always wondered the same, I know on the 460 from Disneyland going north you will pay 1.40 and on the 534 I think (Malibu) you pay 75 cents