Stay hydrated with new Every Lane is a Bike Lane mug


Now on sale at the online Metro Store: the Every Lane is a Bike Lane mug! This giant mug can hold a whopping 15 ounces–perfect for helping you rehydrated after a good ride. The mug costs $9.65 and matches the Every Lane is a Bike Lane T-shirt.

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  1. @bJ By law, every lane IS a bike lane (except restricted roadways that don’t allow bikes at all). Obviously if there is a class II bike lane that is free of debris a cyclist should use it, but claiming that it isn’t safe to suggest people stand up for/utilize their rights is just silly.

    The reason it says, “Please share the road”, on one side is to help remind people that cyclists have every legal right to be on the street and that you shouldn’t go around attempting to create “death traps”.

    Rather than just say the roads are unsafe and therefore this demographic shouldn’t use them, why don’t we try and make the streets a bit safer for everyone?

  2. Every lane is a bike lane? That is not a safe suggestion. Most lanes in L.A. are death traps. Stick to the bike lanes. That’s why they are there.

  3. Metro should open a Metro Store kiosk in Union Station… similar to that information kiosk in the main lobby.

    Plenty of tourists and out of towners would love to impulsively buy some Metro merchandise.

  4. Wouldn’t bicyclists have a need for a sports water bottle instead of a coffee mug? And I agree with the sentiment that The Source should stop advertising products until they get their shipping rates figured out. This is a taxpayer funded board, not an ad space.

  5. You have a Metro Customer Center already, just have them sell gift shop goodies. Foothill Transit does it now. There’s less of a need for the services of the representatives since passes are on a 30 day cycle, and many people add their passes at the vending machine.

  6. Metro,

    I have to wonder if someone higher above is pressuring The Source article writers to promote products here in hopes to make a sale.

    If so, they don’t understand the problem. The core is the ridiculous shipping prices. Who in their right mind is going to pay $11.61 to ship a cheaply made $9.65 Made in China mug within Los Angeles?

    Either find a new vendor and switch to Amazon or something or open up a physical store. There’s no need for you to keep posting articles like these to promote them when no one is going to buy it. Just give up. You’re not fooling anyone!

    Just look at the previous Go Metro map mug. How many did they sell since that article? It still has 125 in stock!

    • Hi Theo;

      No one is pressuring us. The folks who run the virtual store ask us to list items and we do. We have let them know of the many complaints about the shipping fees.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Tell, no DEMAND those folks that The Source will not list or advertise the items here until they do something about the shipping prices or they decide to open up a physical Metro store then.

        It’s been months since this issue was raised by many and nothing is being done about it, just like everything else wrong with Metro. Hello, website? It’s already mid-August of 2014 already when you promised that it’ll get fixed by the end of last year????????

  7. Ditch the current fulfillment vendor, or renegociate the contract. The shipping is a deal breaker.