The perfect note cards for those who love art, transit and Los Angeles

Art_Note_Cards_LargeThese blank note cards celebrate unique neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County. All the images are from the “Through the Eyes of Artists” poster series displayed on buses and trains. A set of 9 costs $8 at the online Metro Store.


3 replies

  1. The Metro online store has only three shipping options no matter what you buy:

    $11.61 for FedEx Ground
    $16.27 for FedEx 2 day
    $25.91 for FedEx Priority Overnight

    All for eight bucks worth of postcards.

    And if it ships from Metro HQ in DTLA and the main buyers are locals, are people really going to be so anxious to have a set of postcards FedEx’ed within the same Southern California region? “Ooh, ooh, I must have this postcard ASAP.” Really? This isn’t a PS4.

    Most likely, paying $11.61 for FedEx ground will be delivered the same date as if you shipped it out 2 days or priority overnight, heck it’d be the same if it were sent out as USPS if it’s within the same local area.

  2. $11.61 in shipping costs. I’m curious as to how many people are actually buying anything from this online store with such ridiculous shipping costs.

  3. I imagine this comes with $11 or so in shipping and handling charges as with the rest of the items sold on the Metro Online store?