ExpressLanes Phishing Scam Alert


Metro urges customers to watch out for the following scam email, which is not an authorized communication from ExpressLanes, E-ZPass, or associated agencies.

For those Metro customers with ExpressLane FasTrack transponders: Metro has become aware of an email phishing scam that appears to be an attempt to collect toll lane revenue. Please take a moment to examine the email pictured above, and be advised that this is not an authorized communication from Metro ExpressLanes, E-ZPass, or the Toll Agencies associated with E-ZPass.

The CyberCrimes Division of the FBI is aware of the issue. We advise that those who receive the scam message do not open or respond to it. Anyone who has received or fallen victim to the email may file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center by clicking here.

If you have any doubts about the validity of a message regarding your FasTrak account, please contact FasTrack customer service.

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  1. In California we have “EZ passes”, transit passes that can be used in multiple places. The East Coast uses “E-Z passes”, which is their version of FasTrak. They are two completely different companies.

    Obviously no one could evade a toll with their “EZ pass”, so I am not sure how this article applies to SoCal residents.

  2. Hi Anna,

    I was refering to Toll Road passes, not transit passes. Thank you for the info,

  3. Just for the record E-Z Pass is used on the East coast predominantly. This is considered very serious back here (im from NY)

  4. Also, E-ZPass is used on the East Coast, not in California. We use FasTrak in California, and ONLY California.

    • Hi Someone,

      We also have EZ Pass here, but it’s something a bit different…our EZ Passes are regional transit passes to be used when riding bus and rail.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  5. But when the government scams ExpressLanes holders with bogus “monthly maintenance fees” it’s okay.

  6. This is yet another reason why the FREEways, for which we have all ready paid, should not be further encumbered with tolls. Currently these “Lexus Lanes” are a luxury for the 1% but apparently the scam is targeted at all freeway drivers. When all of the avoidable costs, as well as money lost to toll scams and law enforcement,
    are totaled-up, one wonders how good the public comes out?