It's a map! It's a mug! It's the Go Metro mug!

"I'm Captain America and I only drink from my Go Metro mug."

“I’m Captain America and I only drink from my Go Metro mug. (P.S. I do not come with the mug, sorry.)”

Combine transit with your morning coffee by drinking it from the new Go Metro mug, now available at the online Metro Store. The mug costs $8.15 and can hold 11 oz. of coffee or the beverage of your choice.

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  1. Yes, drinking is prohibited on Metro. I really see it being enforced with all those sticky floors and empty beer cans on the bus.

  2. Paul C., that’s the way every transit agency in the nation works, as far as I’ve heard. There’s nothing wrong with Metro doing the same.

    As for the insane shipping and handling costs, I somehow doubt that Metro has any say over that, and whomever is distributing it does. That being said, this distributor definitely sucks, but I would assume Metro entered into a x-year contract, so they may be unable to do much of anything until it’s up. I’ve no idea how such transactions go, however, so I could be completely wrong.

  3. Drinking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED onboard Metro. This includes drinking from a travel mug, twist on bottle cap, Thermos beverage containers, canned soda, bottled drinks, paper cups, mugs, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

    If they say NO DRINKING it means NO DRINKING.

    Just because you never get cited doesn’t mean that they won’t go after you. And sooner or later they will so as to gain more “revenue.”

    Stupid fascist blanket policy, yes. But that’s the way Metro works.

  4. I agree with others that the shipping price is too high and is the major reason I refrain from purchasing products through the Metro Store.

    In contrast, Amazon provides free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers and free shipping when purchases a total of $35 or more. Free shipping over X amount is the preferred way of purchasing products online these days as it provides an incentive to help move products quicker. Many businesses prefer to sell their products on Amazon these days.

    I agree with others that Metro should start talking with Amazon to sell their products online.

  5. In the best interest of Metro who has used taxpayer dollars to ask a third party supplier to make this product in China, they want to sell it so that they can get a small profit. That’s fine, no one has a problem with that.

    But in America, people also have a choice to NOT buy something at a rip off amount. If 7-Eleven started adding a “shipping and handling fee” of $5.00 to sell a $1.79 bottle of Coca-Cola, no one would buy it and 7-Eleven would go bankrupt fast.

    If Metro thinks it can sell something by attaching a shipping cost of eleven bucks for a eight dollar product, they’re just going to end up with lots of unmoving product at their third party warehouse. And the longer it sits at the warehouse, the more we as taxpayers end up paying for it because it’s our tax dollars that are being used to pay this third party warehouse.

    Metro really needs to hire a person with real world experience.


    The problem is that the shipping and handling cost of $11.61 doesn’t justify the pricing of shipping out a $8.15 product. If it’s going to cost $11.61 to ship out something it from a warehouse in Hollywood, it would be better off to just pick it up yourself. Alternatively, Metro can just cut off their relationship with this distributor and open up a physical Metro store instead. Or, Metro can go with selling this on

  7. Hi Metro,

    I love the mug. I can’t really justify paying for shipping.


  8. Sorry I would get ticketed or spill my drink if I use this mug while riding the subway. And that’s why I stop at Famima before. It comes with a lid. Great cup though. FYI: any chance a mug or even posters in the subway explain Sunway Etiquette to those ghetto folks?

  9. yeah right-sure the price of a mug with shipping is high,but hey, its America, people can buy what they want. So chill, have a drink out of your metro mug, and relax. Its just not worth going off about.

  10. Drinking is prohibited on Metro – that’s the official story. Never seen a driver say a word to anyone in 10 years riding though this is clearly not a “travel” mug. I recommend getting a travel mug like this one if you really want it to be useful:
    I think they wanted me to put a picture of a baby in it but was much more useful to have BBB#12 and Rapid#12 schedules during commute times.

  11. I am not ready to empty my wallet by bringing a tiny piece of transit into my home or office.

  12. “Combine transit with your morning coffee by drinking it from the new Go Metro mug”

    Drinking is prohibited on Metro.

    • Yes indeed, drinking is prohibited on Metro. But when you use this cup at home, you’re bringing a tiny piece of transit to you.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  13. Is there a gift shop at Gateway or is this only available through purchase online?

  14. Metro, why don’t you just give up trying to think people are stupid enough to buy these things online by hiding your shipping costs and just open up a physical store? Everyone knows that your shipping prices are rip-off.

    MAPMUG Go Metro Mug 1 $8.15
    Sales Tax: $0.73
    Shipping and Handling: $11.61
    Grand Total: $20.49

    $11.61 to ship out a $8.15 mug. No one is stupid enough to pay $11.61 to ship a mug that’s most likely is Made in China!!!

    Don’t you guys have slightest hint of any entrepreneurial skills what so ever? Why can’t you do something that other home garage based business are able to straight from eBay or Amazon?

  15. I’d prefer a to go mug that I can travel with on the bus/train. That way, I wouldn’t have to look far to count the number of stops before mine.