Service Advisory: Metro buses continue to detour around water main repairs in Westwood/UCLA area

Metro buses serving the Westwood/UCLA area continue to be impacted by yesterday’s #SunsetFlood. LADWP has estimated that Sunset Boulevard will remain closed between Veteran and Hilgard avenues for at least the next 24 hours:

Seems pretty reasonable if you’ve seen photos of the damage:

The issue: a giant sinkhole leaves little room for Metro buses. And then there’s the sharks:

While repairs are made to the broken water main, the following delays and detours remain in effect:

  • Metro Rapid 761 and Late Night 233 northbound will detour from Hilgard/Sunset to Beverly Glen, Wilshire, and Veteran to continue north. Southbound buses will use Church Lane, Montana, Gayley, and Le Conte to continue south.
  • Lines 2/302 westbound will detour from Hilgard/Sunset to Beverly Glen, Wilshire, and Le Conte to continue west.
  • In addition, customers should plan for delays on the 20 and Rapid 720 due to spill-over traffic on Wilshire Boulevard.

Metro will continue to keep customers informed of any changes to the above lines/detours here on The Source, via Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts, and on our Service Advisories page.

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  1. FYI, Northbound 761 rush-hour commuters should note that the circuitous route from wilshire/westwood back to wilshire/westwood will add a 1/2hr+ to their commute. Plan accordingly.

  2. As an intermitent 761 rider, I came to the Metro site, and this article, hoping to find out if my stop had moved or was temporarily closed. However, there is no mention here.

    This article is useless to Metro riders since it does not highlight stop closures/moves. If there are NO stop closures, it should say so. The routing of the bus is of no concern to any Metro patron unless it causes the patron’s stop to move or close.

  3. Help!!!!! So where do I pick up the 2/302 going East???? All I see is what is going West. I got to work but now I want to get home. The bus driver this morning couldn’t tell me where to get the bus going back East. Help!

    • Hi Paterese,

      2/302 east is running according to its regular route, so it should make all its normal stops.