Century Crunch video: the process of demolition with Project Director Charles Beauvoir

Crenshaw/LAX Line Project Director Charles Beauvoir takes us through the bridge demolition process and talks about the impact the Crenshaw/LAX Line could have on airport congestion once it’s complete.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DMDMjlX150]

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  1. Fletcher Figueroa,

    Got a billion dollar check you can write out to Metro today? Then fork it over and they’ll build it.

  2. It is only 2.2 miles from the end of the Red line in NoHo to Bob Hope Airport- seem like a natural progression, yes? NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF YET BY METRO!

  3. So under the entire Metro system:

    1. The closest stations together will be the Aviation/Century and the Aviation/96th stations that’s 1400 feet apart

    2. When the Regional Connector is built, one could also go from Venice Beach to Azusa, close to 47 miles

    3. And the price is the same whether you go 1400 feet or 47 miles.

    And you wonder why Metro goes broke.

  4. If it’s only 1400 feet apart, why don’t they just merge the two stations together? Is there some ridiculous law saying that a station cannot extend a certain length?

  5. No Josh, All of the hotels on Century
    have free shuttle buses from LAX to their front doors 24hrs. Some of the
    nearby hotel/motels have them as well.

  6. The stupidity of this project is that they spent taxpayer money to demolish this bridge so as to build a rail station that doesn’t even go to the airport. And only 1400 feet away will be another station that will be built which will connect with a people mover (if ever).

    So yeah, let’s think of this for a minute.

    For some LAX traveler who stays at any of the hotels along Century Blvd., they will have to take the LAX people mover, switch trains at 96th/Aviation, pay $1.75 or whatever the cost of ride will be at that time for a 1400 feet ride to Century/Aviation.

    The stupidity is strong at Metro.