Contract to build first phase of Purple Line Extension moved to full Board of Directors

The Metro Board of Directors’ Construction Committee Thursday morning took up the issue of the contract to build the 3.9-mile first phase of the Purple Line Extension between Wilshire/Western and Wilshire/La Cienega. The Metro staff report explaining the recommendation is above.

Staff has recommended that the $1.6-billion project be awarded to a joint venture of Skanska, Traylor and Shea. The Metro Board moved the item without recommendations to the full Board of Directors for their consideration at next Thursday’s meeting.

The Committee also asked Metro staff to report back next week on the reasons for a $288 million increase in the budget for the project, bringing the total to $2.77 billion — and how it will impact Measure R funding in the Westside/Central subregion of L.A. County. “We believe we can pay for the Westside Subway Section 1 cost increase of $288 million
directly from Measure R or, if necessary, incur additional bond debt to cover the cost
increase,” writes Metro staff in the above report (see appendix C).

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  1. Expo Line Fan,

    And to be fair, the US isn’t the best and the brightest when it comes to mass transit either. So why bother learning for other failures in other US cities? We should be looking outside the US for inspiration in mass transit. Instead of looking at those cities you mentioned, we should be looking beyond our borders to Vancouver, London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney for new ideas.

  2. Kimasabe Most Transit Lines do Not Have bathrooms Like BOSTON / NYC / CHICAGO / PHILLY / ATLANTA / BALTIMORE Just to Name a Few. Restroom and Not A common thing on any US Transit system So to Pick on the LA system is Unfair

  3. Personally, I do not care what company builds the extension of the Purple subway as long as it gets done and it is safe. This business of companies complaining because their bid was not accepted; is stupid. This is how children act.

  4. Previously, MTA built dozens of huge & fancy Subway Stations, but without bathrooms. Inhumane & NOT mass transit encourager!
    Traveling around Los Angeles, it is extremely difficult to find restrooms, Sadly, tourists of more developed cities, are shocked.

  5. SKANSKA now Building 4 Metro Projects EXPO-2 / Regional Connector / Orange Line Pedestrian Tunnel to Red Line and Now Phase-1 of the Purple Line

    Metro Has Picked a Winner with SKANSKA