LASD announces arrest of assault suspect


LASD Transit Policing Division Chief Ronene Anda announces arrest of assault suspect at Metro Headquarters.

Ronene Anda, chief of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Transit Policing Division, announced today the arrest of the suspect wanted in connection with multiple assaults on board Metro buses. The suspect was taken into custody without incident about 11:45 a.m. in Huntington Park. LASD will continue the investigation.

Metro would like to ask all customers to “See Something, Say Something” if they spot suspicious activities or persons on board Metro. You can report incidents via the Transit Watch LA app, available for both iPhone and Android, or call the Sheriff’s hotline at 1.888.950.SAFE or 323.563.5000.

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  1. I totally agree that The Source falls way short in their obligation to make us aware of the MTA goings on… whenh I heard about the beating of the passenger, I searched everywhere for confirmation, finding none…. no more confidence in this publication!

  2. Lions Share

    “Why put these incidents on blast when yet, you, myself, your neighbors, my family and everyone else knows these crimes exists?”

    Because at least we can be aware to prepare ourselves?

    If a maniac was running around the Metro system stabbing and killing people, I’d like to know it so at least I can protect myself with pepper spray or learn a basic skill in martial arts. Police officers don’t magically show up when crime happens like an iPhone app. Seconds count when the police are minutes away.

    Knowing what’s going on, preparing yourself, and being aware can make a difference between life and death. What good is it if you ended up as a victim and dead?

  3. ^ Transit Rider (above)^ Lets be clear on something here…LASD strives to enforce the laws that governs our county of Los Angeles. To put EVERY single crime, burglary, assaults, robberies and more on blast would certainly cause great fear is masses. Why put these incidents on blast when yet, you, myself, your neighbors, my family and everyone else knows these crimes exists? We all have our lives to live, work, play, educate, etc. I know I do NOT care to have these crimes interfering with my daily lives. Why do you think so many others do not care to watch the news? Because we are tired of hearing crIMES, CRIMES AND MORE CRIMES. I want to hear NEGATIVES turning into POSITIVES!

  4. You have to remember “Transit Rider”-its NOT the riders the MTA gives two hoots about! Not in terms of THEIR SAFETY, nor whether their are adequate bus lines, nor whether they spend enough TAXPAYER DOLLARS on them! They just don’t give a care, because there is ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY of this PUBLIC “transportation agency” to ANY TAXPAYER!

  5. I agree with Transit Rider. What about the man that was beaten to death on the train platform at Willowbrook station last week? The trains are so unsafe and it seems like the Sheriff and LA Metro only care about revenue based on all of the ticket patrolling they do in the safe areas.

  6. What’s most disturbing is that The Source failed to ever mention these attacks over the last 2 weeks as they were happening. You guys could have mentioned them, and raised public awareness of the Transit Watch LA app, but you chose to wait until he gets caught 2 weeks later? Why? Just because he didn’t assault a bus Driver, only passengers? Last month you asked the public to be on the look out for someone who assaulted a driver ONCE, but this guy attacks multiple times and The Source stayed completely silent throughout.