Metro Board of Directors June meeting is underway; Airport Metro Connector item to be considered today

Metro Board Chair Diane DuBois has dropped the gavel on the June meeting on the Metro Board of Directors. The agenda is above. Click here for the regular online version here with links to staff reports.

If not here in person, you can listen to the meeting over the phone at 213-922-6045. You can try to listen online by clicking here.

For those at the meeting trying to watch the USA-Germany World Cup game over Metro’s wifi…good luck.

Perhaps the item that will interest the most people today involves the Board considering whether to approve a new light rail station at Aviation and 96th Street as the locally preferred alternative as part of the Airport Metro Connector project. The station would serve the Crenshaw/LAX Line and some Green Line trains and would be the transfer point to a people mover planned by LAX that would connect to airport terminals. More at this recent Source post.

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial today on the preferred alternative.

This is Diane DuBois’ final meeting as Board Chair. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti takes over chair duties in July.


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  1. samtrak1204,

    Everyone ideally wants an one-seat ride from point A to point B. Whether it’s from LAX to DTLA, SFV, or your front door to your home, IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

    You want door-to-door access to LAX? Do what you do today: drive or hire a cab.

  2. I have been exploring future Metrorail connections between LAUPT/Downtown LA and LAX.

    Airport-bound passengers would have to take the Red Line, Expo Line, Crenshaw Line, and some sort of shuttle to the airport. That’s a 4-seat ride and that is ridiculous!

  3. At this point it hardly matters which plan is chosen to bring rail transit to LAX, as long as some plan is approved. Any short comings can always be addressed during the build-out–although that has risks. A couple of years ago when I was visiting Finland’s Lapland (cute hats and reindeer). I stopped in at a pub and overheard a local talking about his enjoyable trip to “glam-filled Los Angeles”. However, he was shocked by LAX which he called “a third-world airport. Helsinki’s airport has light-rail to downtown and many nice up-scale shops to visit during the often long waits before and between flights.