Service alert: shuttle bus replaces Orange Line between Nordhoff and Chatsworth stations this weekend

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Due to resurfacing work on the Lassen Street Bridge, there will be no Orange Line service between Nordhoff and Chatsworth stations on Saturday, June 28, and Sunday, June 29. All Orange Line service will either begin or end at Nordhoff station and a free Metro shuttle bus will provide service between Nordhoff and Chatsworth stations.

Passengers can board the shuttle bus at a temporary stop located at the northeast corner of Canoga Avenue and Nordhoff Street, adjacent to Nordhoff Station.

Work is anticipated to last 55 hours and normal Orange Line service is expected to be restored by early Monday morning. The above map and flier shows the temporary stop location and routing.

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  1. So run all the 901 buses from NoHo to Warner and offer a shuttle from Canoga to Chatsworth. But hey, it’s just like rail only cheaper!

  2. Here’s why a shuttle is being used according to Metro officials:

    “Due to the extra amount of time needed to travel on surface streets from Nordhoff to Chatsworth Stations, it was decided a shuttle was necessary in order to preserve schedule adherence on the core portion of the line (Canoga Station to North Hollywood). If the regularly scheduled buses were to travel on surface streets, the majority of the line would be negatively impacted. The shuttle allows buses that remain on the Orange Line roadway to stay on-time.”

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source

  3. It actually makes more sense. The depot for the Orange Line buses is at Nordhoff Station/Division 8. The bridge also makes sense so that the buses are not taking up space on surface streets while waiting for long freight trains to pass through the train station and Lassen Street.

  4. It is at the end of the line and probably the detour would screw up the split between Chatsworth buses and Warner Center buses.

  5. yes, makes no sense at all. Get off the Orange Line bus, transfer to a shuttle bus, then transfer again to the Orange Line bus to continue. Orange Line bus should just detour on surface streets!

  6. Hmm. Does anybody else find it amusing that this amounts to a bus-bridge substituting not for a trolley, not for a subway, not even for a cable car, but . . . a bus?

  7. Why does the bridge need to be resurfaced? Didn’t Metro complete that bridge like 2 years ago?