New TAP-TO-GO allows loading of regular monthly passes by text message


This is something that riders may find convenient: it’s now possible to load a 30-day regular monthly Metro pass on a TAP card via text message. If buying a pass by text message, passes load immediately on cards without the one- to two-day delay when passes are bought on

TAP-TO-GO is a six-month trial program that is beginning this week and will run through Dec. 1. There are two important caveats: at this time, only regular monthly passes are available and you need to use a new, special TAP card from the program to participate. There is no additional cost for the card.

The program is being run by Metro and its contractor mobileAxept. Reminder: Monthly passes are still available at TAP Vending Machines at all Metro Rail and Metro Orange Line stations, Metro Customer Centers and El Monte Station.

How to sign up 

1) Text TAPSIGNUP to 28950  or visit to sign up online.

2) If texting, mobileAxept will reply with a link to sign up.

3) Enter your name, mailing address and email address. Participants will be directed to the BlueFin-hosted secure payment site to submit credit/debit card information. Credit/debit cards will not be charged until you receive your card in the mail and load your first pass.

4) Once your information has been validated, mobileAxept will send a text confirming participant has successfully joined the TAP-TO-GO pilot program. 

5) Participants receive a special TAP card in the mail within seven to 10 business days, with instructions on how load your first Metro 30-DayPass. Again, you need to use this new card — it’s not possible to sign up using an existing TAP card.

How to reload

•Text TAP30DAY to 28950 to reload your Metro 30-Day Pass. You will receive a reply text message confirming your payment has been received and your card is loaded.

When it’s time to reload your Metro 30-Day Pass, you will receive a reminder text to reload three days prior to expiration, and if necessary, one day prior to its expiration.

•Avoid paying single ride fares — currently $1.50 rising to $1.75 as early as September — by purchasing your pass before your Metro 30-Day Pass expires.

An FAQ on the TAP-TO-GO program is after the jump.

What is TAP-TO-GO?

TAP-TO-GO is a new 6 month pilot service provided by Metro that allows TAP card holders to purchase Metro 30-Day Passes via text message.

How do I get information about TAP-TO-GO?

Text TAPINFO to the number 28950 and you will be sent a link to access more information, including frequently asked questions and how to sign up.

What are the benefits of TAP-TO-GO?

You will have the added convenience of reloading a Metro 30-Day Pass via text message to your TAP card anytime, anywhere. Your pass will be loaded to your card immediately, so there’s no wait time.

How does it work?

First, text TAPSIGNUP to the number 28950 to receive a link to sign up on your computer or phone. Once your registration is completed, a special TAP-TO-GO card will be mailed to your address in 7-10 business days with instructions on how to load your card via text message.

What passes can I load on my TAP-TO-GO card?

During this pilot, only the Metro 30-Day Pass is available for reload via text message. You may not load other passes or Stored Value on this card.

How do I load and/or reload my pass?

To load and reload your Metro 30-Day Pass, simply text TAP30DAY to 28950. You will receive a confirmation text message thanking you for your purchase. Your pass will be loaded immediately.

Is TAP30DAY case sensitive?

No. You do not have to enter TAP30DAY in all caps. For example, you can enter tap30day or Tap30Day as well.

Are Reduced Fares offered in this pilot?

Reduced Fares are not offered in this pilot.

When does the TAP-TO-GO pilot begin?

TAP-TO-GO will begin June 2, 2014 and end December 1, 2014.

How soon after I reload my Metro 30-Day Pass will it be available on my TAP card?

Once you text TAP30DAY to 28950 and receive confirmation that your credit card has been charged, your pass will be available immediately.

What if I decide to stop using TAP-TO-GO?

To unsubscribe, text STOP to the number 28950 and you will be unregistered for TAP-TO-GO. Once you text STOP, your 30-Day Pass will work until its expiration and will then be deactivated.

What happens if I text STOP accidentally?

If you text STOP accidentally, text HELP to 28950 and you will receive a toll free number to call for assistance. Or you can call mobileAxept directly at 888.500.1997. Once you text STOP your card will be deactivated and you will need to sign up again.

What happens if I need support once I start a transaction?

For technical support, text HELP to the number 28950 and you will be sent a toll free number to call. Or you can call mobileAxept for technical assistance directly at 888.500.1997. For questions regarding TAP, call 866.TAPTOGO.

How much does TAP-TO-GO cost?

Participating in the pilot program is free. The only cost you will incur is the for the Metro 30-Day Pass and your normal text messaging rates.

What if I already have a TAP card?

To participate in TAP-TO-GO, you must use the TAP-TO-GO card that is mailed to you.

Once I purchase a pass, how long before I get a receipt?

Following your text to reload, you will immediately receive a confirmation text that your transaction is complete. If you do not get a receipt, please call mobileAxept directly at 888.500.1997.

Will my personal information and credit/debit card information be secure?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant servers protect your personal and financial information used in the registration process. All your information will be secure and if a breach occurs, you will be notified in compliance with California State laws.

Will my personal information be shared or sold?

Your personal information during the sign up process will not be shared or sold.

What if my transaction is declined?

If your transaction is declined, call mobileAxept for technical assistance directly at 888.500.1997.

Will anything be charged to my phone bill?

Your phone bill will only reflect for your normal text messaging rates. Your monthly pass will be deducted from your registered credit/debit card.

What do I do if my billing/card information changes?

To update any of your information, including billing information, phone number, etc., call mobileAxept at 888.500.1997.

How will I know when my pass is going to expire?

A text message alert will be sent to your cell phone 3 days prior to your pass expiration date reminding you to text TAP30DAY to reload. When applicable, you will receive a 2nd reminder 1 day prior to the expiration date.

What happens if I do not load a pass before my previous pass expires?

For each ride between the expiration of your pass and the purchase of a new pass you will be charged the $1.50 Single Ride Fare rate to the credit or debit card provided during the sign up process.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen call 866.TAPTOGO so that a replacement card can be mailed to you. Temporary passes or TAP cards are not available during the pilot program.


-Technical Support: 888.500.1997

-Customer Service: 866.TAPTOGO


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  1. People still use flip phones? That’s like so 2007. If you can post here, you can check out eBay or do a Google search. The cheapest used smartphones start off at $20. MetroPCS offers a low end Samsung smartphone for $29.00. An used iPhone 3GS is around $60-$80, a used HTC One is about $100-$120, and a used iPhone 4S is around $200-$250.

    Using flip phones is like sticking to old analog rotary phones: paying more for less features and being left behind in the changing times.

  2. “For technical support…To update any of your information, including billing information, phone number, etc.,…if your card is lost or stolen…call mobileAxept at 888.500.1997 or 866.TAPTOGO.”

    Metro, seriously? Who calls to do these things these days? Get in with the times, man. This isn’t the 1990s. Why can’t you just give us a web based option to do these kinds of things? It’s soooooo much more easier to just enter these things yourself online to your own account page than speaking to someone.

    Why do you have to be so inefficient in everything that you do? Is the hotline 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year? How many TAP cardholders are there in LA? Do you have the manpower to do this? What’s the length of each call? What’s the labor cost involved to do this?

    Why do you think every single biller in the US today has an online account website? Is it so difficult for you to enter the 21st century? Where have you been these past 14 years?

  3. Cool idea but I need the paper receipt to get the 50% reimbursement from my job, so I’ll stick with the current system.

    • Not to mention also, there is NO WAY for those with “Rider Relief Transportation Program” coupons to remit those for the discount that they are entitled to! I guess this is just another way for the MTA to discriminate against the poor (when they are not raising fares, and reducing service on, or eliminating service on, entire bus lines!).

  4. john smith,

    You can pick up a prepaid smartphone at 7-Eleven for less than $50.

  5. This is awesome! Finally! All you iphone snobs, don’t forget about the flip phone folks before you rag on this.

  6. Metro should get their priorities straight. While a neat idea, they could’ve spent the same time focusing on updating the website first.

    Is it really that difficult to update a webpage?

  7. I’m really excited! I think this is a step in the right direction. Hopefully if this goes well individual fares are next.

  8. this is a great idea. but i’d rather be able to register my tap card on a working website first.

  9. Metro spent a whole lot of money to this “trial,” yet they couldn’t hire a web designer from the streets of Los Angeles to fix the TAP website.

  10. Actually, I just re-read this and realized the pilot was solely for 30 day passes. I don’t need one. BUT if it works, and can get extended to replenishing epurses for individual fares, that’d be pretty cool too.

  11. Of course all this Rube Goldberg – inspired procedure is only necessary because Metro installed turnstiles at unstaffed stations. On systems which remain barrier free like Portland, or have staff at stations like Boston, SMS and ticketing via smartphone can be done just by showing the phone’s readout.

  12. Why not.. you know fix the website? The website you’ve been planning to overhaul for how long? The website that is a pain to use, doesn’t register cards, and is a perfect example of your incompetence. Why would this be more beneficial to anyone as opposed to a functional website. Not everyone wants to pay for a 30 day pass. Some people just want week passes or to add a few dollars. But you don’t learn. Thats why you’ll come begging for more money in a few years.

  13. Metro needs to remind people that text messaging charges may apply depending on one’s cell phone plan.

    And you still don’t get it do you?

    “Or you can call mobileAxept for technical assistance directly at 888.500.1997. For questions regarding TAP, call 866.TAPTOGO.”

    WE LIVE IN 2014. THERE ARE TOO MANY TAP USERS. CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PHONE IS NOT THE ANSWER! There are too many TAP users per customer service agents.

    Unless you haven’t noticed, customer service by phone is outsourced these days to Twitter support, online chats, and email. Phone calls these days are diverted to India. And anything that a customer service agent half a world away reading scripted prompts, anyone can do online.

    Get in with the times, man. Why are you still stuck in the 20th century?

    You want to change your credit or debit card? Do it online. Easier that way.

    You want to top up a TAP card? Do it online. Easier that way.

    No need to wait forever listening to bad elevator music at set customer service hours, repeating something by mouth that’s so frustrating, to do the most menial tasks that anyone with a computer with online connection can do.

  14. SNORE. SMS texting is so 10 years old.

    Wake me up when we can do true real time reloadings online on a fixed website, something that you promised to do last year. We’re still waiting for that.

    Government takes forever to do the most simplest of things.