Why You Ride: Transit Edition – Kay Gonzales is a faithful Green Line commuter

Kay Gonzales, winner of the Transit Ambassador Award. Photo: Josh Southwick/Metro

Kay Gonzales, winner of the Transit Ambassador Award. Photo: Josh Southwick/Metro

Each year, the Diamond Awards recognize the achievements of corporate rideshare programs in the region and their contribution toward decreasing gasoline consumption, air pollution and commuter costs. New this year were the Ambassador awards, which acknowledged commuters for ridesharing and for taking the initiative to promote transit alternatives to their peers.

The recipient of the Transit Ambassador award, Kay Gonzales of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), walks the talk. Kay has been a loyal transit rider for more than three decades and currently takes the Metro Green Line to work at the offices of Los Angeles World Airports. Kay distributes transit passes on behalf of the rideshare office, and she’s always eager to answer questions and offer help to make the commute easier for her coworkers.

And Kay performs these duties in addition to her normal work assignments!

Below, Kay shares her thoughts on her daily commute and talks about why she takes transit.

How did you commute before you started riding transit? What made you decide to ride?

I have been a lifelong transit rider–I’ve taken buses, the Green, Blue and Red lines. I ride because I don’t have to look out for other drivers. I can read, think, make notes, talk to others, close my eyes. Be happy when I get to work and when I get home.

How often do you take Metro work? How long does the trip take?

I use the Green Line every day. It’s about an hour in the morning, an hour and half in the evening.

What tips do you have for making a transit commute easier?

Have your pass/change ready, wear comfortable shoes, carry a large purse/bag for your lunch, book and sweater. 

Do you have a favorite Metro bus or rail line?

The Green Line. It’s the best transit I have ever used; it is fast, clean, does not cross traffic.

Thank you, Kay, for being an advocate of transit! Keep up the good work, and happy commuting.

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  1. Kay’s commute will be even shorter if the people mover and the Cranshaw Line are completed.