Changes for Metro Sheriff's bureau

From the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which is under contract to patrol Metro’s buses, trains and facilities:

In the latest move to restructure parts of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), Sheriff John Scott has changed the bureau that polices the Metro system into a division with its own chief and created the Transit Policing Division.

The move continues LASD’s mission of patrolling Metro buses, trains and facilities and Metrolink while streamlining the internal process and eliminating department bureaucracy.

“Sheriff Scott has looked at many aspects of the department with his vast experiences, yet with fresh eyes and seen where improvements can be made,” said Ronene Anda, chief of the new Transit Policing Division.

Transit Policing Division becomes the 14th division within LASD and will have direct control of its personnel and budget.

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5 replies

  1. What are the policy changes that will increase presence of Sheriff’s deputies and security on transit vehicles and in stations? Especially at night. Will the deputies be distributed around system and ride transit vehicles? Frequently, I see more than two gathered in any one location.

  2. I have had some decent interactions with the sheriffs, and others have made the dumbest remarks, ignorant of the actual laws. I’d like to see enforcement of the handicapped seating now that Metro has decided only 1/10th of its ridership (3 seats per car) is senior or disabled. I’d like to see that they know the fare structure for senior/disabled is different for different hours. And I don’t want to be insulted that I didn’t tap, paid the fare, have the receipt, and potentially the machine could have been defective.

  3. Sheriff John Scott however, is only an interim sheriff who was appointed by the Board of Supervisors when former Sheriff Baca resigned. Whether or not this continues is really up to the new sheriff in town, Jim McDonnell or Paul Tanaka, who will be facing a runoff election in November.

  4. I wish the Sheriff’s dept and the MTA would really focus on fare evasion and safety on buses and trains rather than harassing everyday people!! I haven’t had one pleasant experience with your Sheriff’s dept. patrol They’re rather rude to Metro customers!! Its about time they create a Transit division patrol dedicated to keeping our LA Metro System, Safe, Clean and secure and on-time Metro should also have station staff to help customers in need of assistance at busy stations such as 7th Street, Union Station, Culver City Station, Hollywood and Highland and North Hollywood stations.