Patsaouras Bus Plaza closure from June 21 to 23

A Metro Rapid bus leaving the transit plaza. Metro currently operates the nation's largest clean air fleet.Patsaouras Bus Plaza will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians from 1 a.m. Saturday, June 21 through 4 a.m. Monday, June 23 for landscaping renovations. Work being done will address water damage to the plaza and structures underneath and replace waterproofing, landscaping, electrical and irrigation systems.

No vehicles or pedestrians will be able to enter the plaza while work is being done. Metro buses that normally enter the plaza will stop at Cesar Chavez/Alameda to both board and drop off customers.

FlyAway will pick up and drop off in front of Union Station West near the Fred Harvey Room. will operate service from the Amtrak bus pick-up/drop-off location on the west side of Union Station during the plaza closure.

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  1. Last year I believe Metro spent 1 billion dollars on transit services. A majority of that bus service alone. Atheisticallyyours your statement would help if you did a little research.

    • Really Juan? Perhaps you could provide the BUDGET that shows this “1 billion dollars” you speak of? I bet that whatever amount that the MTA did spend on “bus services” (it sure was NOT in bus line EXPANSION!) was MORE THEN ECLIPSED by the BILLIONS of dollars spent on: the Union Station “Master Plan”, the “Division 13 Bus Yard Rehabilitation”, the 405 HOV lane installation, the North Hollywood train station “rehabilitation”, and EVERY OTHER BOONDOGGLE that the MTA WASTES taxpayer dollars on, and that fails to MOVE ONE MTA BUS RIDER! A billion dollars? Riiiight!

  2. Yes, let’s continue to spend money that we don’t have. Who cares right? It’s the taxpayers money!

  3. Anna, any word on when the Patsaouras Plaza improvements will be done?

    • Hi Transit Rider,

      At this time, the project is scheduled for completion by end of July. This upcoming closure will be the final closure of the plaza for this project.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  4. Its too bad the MTA does not put as much money into improving, and adding service to its bus lines, as it does to nonsense like “transit plaza landscaping”! How many MTA bus riders does that move exactly?