Metro Podcast: the Hollywood Pantages, California Science Center and DTLA Night Market–all places you can TAP and save

Photos: Aurea Adao/Metro

The second-ever Metro podcast covers the Hollywood Pantages, the DTLA Night Market and the California Science Center‘s Pompeii: the Exhibition. Learn about what’s playing at the Pantages, what kind of food you can expect at the night market,  the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Pompeii and more!


Keep reading after the jump for details on how to save money at–and go Metro to–all three places.

Go Metro to the DTLA Night Market and save $2 on admission. The event will take place June 20 to 21, from 4 p.m. to midnight each day. (Metro Blue/Expo Line to Pico Station, Metro Silver Line to Figueroa/12th)

Go Metro to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, playing at the Hollywood Pantages now until June 22. Save $20 on select shows with your valid TAP card. (Metro Red Line to Hollywood/Vine Station)

Go Metro to the Pompeii: the Exhibition and save up to $5 on tickets. The California Science Center is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. (Metro Expo Line to Expo Park/USC Station)

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  1. “Our partners are instructed to look for the TAP card logo that is on all TAP cards regardless of design or transit agency distributing the cards.”

    Well gee what a brilliant idea that is. So let’s see, if I have a scanner and just create a fake TAP card with the scanned TAP card logo, it’ll pass off no matter what the design?

    The stupidity, it hurts!

  2. Hi Theo,

    Our partners are instructed to look for the TAP card logo that is on all TAP cards regardless of design or transit agency distributing the cards.

    Anna Chen
    Writer, The Source

  3. Steve,

    Following up on incidents is not the answer I’m looking for. Let’s be real here.

    The problem lies in the fact that there are 4 different designs for the DASH TAP card, 3 different designs for the Union Station 75th anniversary edition, plus the plain old light blue TAP card. Then there’s the new beta test TAP card where one is able to load up using SMS text messaging which also has a different design.

    The problem of information not being trickled down to the employees WILL only get WORSE as new TAP card designs get rolled out. People don’t expect everyone to memorize all these different designs.

    This is a problem that is going to happen. So I don’t want a “follow up,” I want action. What is Metro going to do when they obviously know the problem is going to get worse?

    There has to be a better way of validating TAP cards than just visual inspection. I agree, front line employees aren’t experts in telling apart whats fake and whats real. Is there a pamphlet of all the different kinds of TAP card designs that are valid that they can reference too?

    Or can you look into providing them with contactless card readers for validation as the above poster mentioned?

    You have a good thing going with providing discounts for TAP cards. But there’s also problems with it because new designs confuse everyone and no one is expected to memorize all these different designs. And I want a fix. How will Metro intend to fix this?

  4. You don’t have this problem in places where they actually allow people to pay for goods and services with a contactless transit card. The partners have their own USB contactless card devices that can be used to validate TAP cards and deduct the amount with discounts included.

    Metro should look into expanding TAP to allow for purchasing goods and services and providing their partners with card readers. That would avoid cases like this which require front line minimum wage employees in not getting the details. Face it, front line workers are not trained fake card professionals.

  5. Does Metro train their partners on what types of TAP cards are out there? I had them almost reject my Union Station 75th anniversary TAP card because they weren’t familiar with the design. They thought it was a fake because they only knew about the plain old blue TAP card. It wasn’t until I showed Union Station 75th anniversary page on my smartphone they gave me the discount

    What’s the point of this if your TAP discount partners aren’t kept in the loop!?

    • Hi Theo,

      Yes, we do inform our partners, although it seems the word doesn’t always trickle down to individual employees. If you come across a place we promoted that does not honor the discount, please let us know, either here or via Twitter @metrolosangeles. We will follow up on any incidents.


      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  6. Is there a single TAP and save page, one that shows all of the active discounts?

    • Yes there is! Check out for the list of all participating businesses.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source