Fashionable and practical Destinations Tote Bag now on sale at Metro Store

The Destinations Tote Bag is now on sale at the online Metro Store for $13.50. It’s sturdy, cute, perfect for carrying your things while you travel on Metro. Get yours today!


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  1. How is this surprising? This is the same transit agency that expects everyone to pay the same price to ride Metro whether or not one has an extremely long ride like Santa Monica to City of Commerce or a relatively short ride such as from Koreatown to DTLA. It’s a $1.75 from Santa Monica to City of Commerce or $1.75 from Koreatown to DTLA. It’s $100 a month whether your commute is from Santa Monica to City of Commerce, and it’s $100 a month from Koreatown to DTLA. That’s how the ridiculous fare system works here.

    Samething as the Metro Store. You want something, you pay for shipping. Want a $13.50 totebag, pay $11 to ship something from Metro HQ in DTLA to your home somewhere in LA. Doesn’t matter if your home is in East LA or somewhere in Malibu, it’s $11 and something to ship a totebag whether you live relatively next door to Metro HQ or you live all the way out in Malibu.

    If you don’t like the service, you can pick up the goods yourself and save on shipping costs. Unfortunately, Metro doesn’t offer that option as it has no physical store.

  2. It’s devious that when new items pop up here on The Source, Metro purposely omits any cost of shipping so as to make the item pricing sound reasonable.

    They’re playing the fuel surcharge game like the airlines. Oh, it’s only $50 to San Francisco. See how cheap it is to fly? Oh but we forgot to mention that it’s an additional $100 in fuel surcharges and another $25 to check in a bag and $10 for inflight meals. GOTCHA!

  3. I’ve purchased a few things from the Metro store. I too am sick of paying the sky-high shipping costs. I would prefer to “Go Metro!” to union station and pick up a t-shirt or poster from a kiosk.

  4. A physical store would be nice. Metro already owns the train stations, they can do whatever they want with it. Just open up a kiosk and sell it there. It’ll help create jobs, gains extra revenue and for every goods sold, that’s additional sale tax revenue for the city.

  5. How difficult is it to manage an online store that Metro needs to outsource to an outside company? You have people starting online businesses out of their garage on eBay!

    And it’s not like you have a huge inventory lot like Costco or BestBuy with a need for multi-million dollar inventory management and supply chain systems. Sheesh.

  6. This online store symbolizes Metro to a tee. You got to wonder the sheer amount of incompetent people that work there.

  7. Based on the “” domain name, I’m assuming Metro did partner with someone to manage their online orders… that *may* be why shipping is so high. Metro ought to just have an intern do the online orders inhouse… they’d save on shipping and wouldn’t need to contract out their online store.

    • Hi Collin;

      Yes, Metro contracts with a vendor to manage the orders.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  8. Paul C., who asked you, go take your complaints to a piece of paper then mail it to the Headquartez

  9. Lol, I loved your comments; you made my day. I did buy a few things from the Metro store when they had the Metrorail map on the T shirts, a Metro cap and some of those old pins with the old logos for Metrorail. Don’t see anything now that intrests me.

  10. Twenty six bucks for a totebag?!

    No thanks. I’m not paying $11.61 extra to ship a $13.50 bag. The shipping price is 86% of the price of the goods being sold!

  11. Plus $1.22 in sales tax and $11.61 S&H brings the total to $26.33, all for crappy totebag that’s most likely not even Made in the USA. And when you look at their inventory, nothing is selling because no one is stupid enough to be a sucker to pay such an overpriced amount for cheap sweatshop made goods.

    Metro, just open up a physical store or partner up with It makes no sense at all for Angelenos to pay $11.61 in shipping to ship a totebag within LA. When people say you guys lack business skills, the Metro Store is a fine example of that!