Groundbreaking ceremony held for I-10 HOV Lane Project this morning


Metro, Caltrans, Federal Highway Administration and California Highway Patrol officials at the groundbreaking. Photo: Paul Gonzales/Metro

Metro Deputy CEO Lindy Lee joined Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty and officials from the Federal Highway Administration and California Highway Patrol today for the groundbreaking of the I-10 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Project. The project area is located between Puente Avenue and Citrus Street in Baldwin Park and West Covina.

This is the second of three projects that, once complete, will offer one continuous HOV lane from downtown Los Angeles to I-15 in San Bernardino County. Metro programmed $151.6 million towards the construction of the HOV project, which accounts for 77.5% of the total project cost.

5 replies

  1. The HOV system will just max-out in capacity like all the other lanes in 20 years anyway 🙁 Money could be spent better than this.

  2. It seems that the I-10 between the 605 and the 57 have endless construction activities on-and-off in the past 20 years. Caltrans should have done all the road widening and freeway interchange upgrading at the same time. Caltrans is waiting time and money to work on this stretch of freeway in bits and pieces.

  3. How many years before they turn the HOV lane into a HOT lane? It shouldn’t take metro to long to recoup its $151.6 million investment.

  4. My family has lived in this area for almost 60 years, and we have continually asked about the plan to rebuild the 10/605 interchange. So, here they are starting yet another project when the 10/605 interchange STILL is not completed….. shows you where the priority is, sure doesn’t’ seem to be safety!