Union Station commemorative tile now available in Metro online store


The tile was extremely popular at the May 3 event at Union Station and sold out. Tiles can now be purchased in the Metro online store for $7.60 apiece plus shipping.

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  1. Or, Metro can do something like buy over a certain amount and have them shipped for free. Many online stores do that so as to help get rid of inventory quicker and save more money by shipping in bulk rather than shipping them one by one.

    This idea is common sense in the business world. The lack of thought put to the online store only showcases that Metro is run by government bureaucrats who doesn’t know a single thing about operating a business.

    If they can’t even operate an online store, do you think they can run a physical store? Metro really needs to start hiring people from the private sector to change things the inside.

    • Hi Marissa;

      No, it’s just a commemorative tile. I’ll forward your point about shipping to the folks who oversee the store. Other readers have said the same thing. Best,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Metro really needs a physical store. No one is going to pay such a high price for shipping an inexpensive item.

    Can’t you guys work with Amazon.com or something?

  3. Does Metro have a physical store? I almost bought one of these and a hat today but the shipping was as much as the merchandise. Scared me away from completing the order. Alan

    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 22:00:33 +0000 To: alutz51@hotmail.com

    • Hi Alan;

      Sorry, just the online store.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source