Southbound 405 closures between Getty Center Drive and Sunset Boulevard planned nights of June 5, 6

Here’s the press release from Metro:

The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project contractor is scheduled to conduct nighttime freeway closures on the southbound I-405 between Getty Center Drive and Sunset Boulevard the nights of Thursday, June 5 and Friday, June 6, 2014 to facilitate demolition, excavation, paving, drainage work, and preparatory work for permanent striping. Closure information is as follows:

The southbound I-405 will be fully closed from Getty Center Drive to Sunset Boulevard on:

  • Midnight, Thursday, June 5, to 5 a.m., Friday, June 6
  • Midnight, Friday, June 6, to 5 a.m., Saturday, June 7

Ramp Closures:

  • Ramps begin closing as early as 7 p.m. and lanes begin closing at 10 p.m. on the nights of each operation
  • Southbound on-ramp from Getty Center Drive

Detour Route:Exit southbound Getty off-ramp, head southbound on Sepulveda Boulevard, make a right onto Church Lane and head south to the southbound on-ramp from westbound Sunset Boulevard.

What to expect:


3 replies

  1. I got caught in this same above-described closure on Saturday, May 31st., 2014, along with several hundred other drivers who missed the announcement. I know you still have much to do to complete this giant project. However I would really appreciate a heads up by the radio stations on the days impacted. Just a short announcement of the closure, plus the suggested alternate route. I imagine that all the other drivers stuck in the traffic with me for almost 2 hours last week would feel similarly.
    Thank you!

  2. Mr. Dunn,
    Metro delivered the NB HOV lane. That does not mean the full project is finished. The project included items such as: improving SB on and off ramps, widening the center shoulder on the SB side, and addressing the right shoulder on the SB side. Part of the issue is that some places, new lanes on one side are where the lanes from the other side used to be (because the lane couldn’t be fit in always on the east side). Projects like the Hoover dam had the main deliverable (the dam) finished before the entire project was complete. There were coffer dams to remove, the installation of the dynamos, fitting out the overflow tunnels, etc. Those happened after the water started backing up behind the dam. This is the way many projects like this happen.

  3. I thought they were finished. Now we have a never ending project southbound. It must be part of a plan to never lay off the contractors employees, just keep tearing stuff up and rebuilding it.