Wilshire/La Brea Customer Center closes on June 20 for move to new location

Due to future Purple Line Extension construction, the Wilshire/La Brea Customer Center will be closing and moving to a new location. The customer center will close on Friday, June 20, and reopen at the Red/Purple Line’s Wilshire/Vermont station on Tuesday, July 1. The Lost and Found will relocate and be near the Gold Line’s Heritage Square Station. It will also open on July 1.

The new addresses are as follows:

  • Wilshire/Vermont Customer Center: 3183 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 174, Los Angeles, CA, 90010
  • Heritage Square Station Lost and Found: 3571 Pasadena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90031

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  1. @chad – Another problem with the busway system: the silver Line doesn’t go all the way to San Pedro.

  2. metro is a great sysrtem and is continuing to evolve but and im so thrilled that were finally getting rail to LAX. i think the second worst thing metro ever did besides the greenline not going to LAX was building that silly orange line busway. i should have been lightrail at least because it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes to get from north hollywood tho chatsworth. metro please dont build anymore busways L.A needs trains so we can move lik a major city.

  3. Lots of construction work on Wilshire between especially between around La Brea has been going on. I think some of the work is for the bus lane the also work for the subway.