Everyone* knows that coffee tastes best when served in a Metro mug


This has “Father’s Day gift” written all over it, eh?

And it’s all yours for only $8.75 in Metro’s online store, which has all sorts of offerings ranging from the popular stress bus to T-shirts.

*’Everyone’ as in every single person on Earth may be an exaggeration 🙂

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  1. $11.61 for shipping a $8.75 mug?

    Metro needs to learn Business 101.

  2. I believe the items in the store are designed by Metro and made by an outside firm.

    I have purchased 3 items from the Metro store, two of which came damaged. In order to get a non-damaged product they wanted me to ship the item back to them, wait 3 weeks, and then repay the absurd shipping cost. Essentially they wanted a combined $45-50 dollars in shipping to fix their mistakes.

    As a Metro rider/supporter/fanboy it is upsetting that Metro couldn’t use their clout in this city to hire an outside firm that isn’t God awful. In the eBay/Amazon/online era it looks pretty bad when customers have to handle the economic burden of a poor business model.

  3. Metro should probably sell some of these products at the customer centers. And I think the shipping is for a mug, not the light rail vehicle depicted on the mug, so why is the shipping cost so high?

  4. It’s government. You think they know anything about business?

  5. Metro should just give us a downloadable template of this mug so we can go to Staples and get it done for $6.99 instead.