Traffic is always naughty…


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  1. Al C,

    The same agency thinks that the best fare collection method for “an area as vast as Los Angeles” is to have everyone pay the same price whether they go 1 mile or 20 miles on public transit.

    The same agency thought that the honor system was going to work, only to come to realize 20 years later that 1 in 5 people riding Metro were not paying at all. They lost billions of dollars through fare evasion and they now have to raise the fares for everyone to recover those losses.

    If the said agency is dumb enough to do these things, then yes, they are dumb enough to waste billions of dollars in freeway projects than spend billions in much needed enhancements to the public transit system.

  2. Once again critics with no substance make comments with no logic. An area as vast as Los Angeles, needs a multi-faceted approach to traffic. HIghway improvements, busways, light rail, heavy rail all are part of the solution. To say one form of transportation is superior than the rest is both short sited and illogical.

  3. Metro spends billions in freeway enhancements and then further wastes tax dollars by printing out T-shirts that says traffic is naughty.

    And you have liberals like the above poster who thinks that it’s okay that way.

    No wonder LA is screwed. The voters here are brain dead.

  4. Keep in mind that the MTA is NOT run by competent transportation planners, that know ANYTHING about improving freeways, reducing traffic congestion, or expecting more people to ride public transit, as they REDUCE AND ELIMINATE BUS LINES! If you are looking for logic in these areas, it will NOT BE FOUND at, or from, the MTA!

  5. Metro says Traffic is naughty.
    Metro spends billions in freeway enhancements.

    Your double mouthed government at work.

  6. If traffic is always naughty, why does your employer spend billions of dollars a year on more asphalt to encourage even more traffic? Good thing the 405 is traffic-free now after over $1 billion and years of construction.