Hop on the Expo Line to see Endeavour and Pompeii

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Photos: Luis Inzunza/Metro

Are you starting to make plans for this summer? The California Science Center is the only place in town where you explore the space age and ancient history. Check out the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the new Pompeii exhibit all in one day. And getting there is easy–just hop on the Metro Expo Line to Expo Park/USC Station! (See the out-of-time visitor from Pompeii and lost astronaut navigate Metro in the video below.) Best of all, you can save on tickets to the exhibit with your valid TAP card.

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6 replies

  1. And our tax dollars get wasted on propaganda photo ops like these instead of going to where it’s needed the most.

  2. Give them both a break: One got fried by the Sun and other other got fried by a volcano…

  3. They Boarded @ 7th Metro upper level on a expo line light rail train. Redline heavy rail is down below. The editing is fine.

  4. You can clearly see they enter the Expo Line Train. However, you are right, they are walking the incorrect way while TAPing.

  5. well when you’re coming from near Union Station you can’t exactly hop on the Expo Line. You have to take the red line or purple line to get to the Expo line. Or a bus.

  6. Strange they are going to the Science Center but they Get on a Red Line Subway and Not The Expo Light Rail ( Very Bad Editing)