The first wave of photos from today's Union Station 75th anniversary celebration

A little warm weather on Saturday didn’t keep crowds at bay as thousands of people descended on Union Station for the building’s 75th anniversary celebration that featured live music, train exhibitions, speeches from dignitaries and a lot of folks who apparently wished it was 1939 all over again.

The above photos are just a small slice of today’s activities. Here are even more photos! Click on any of the above photos to see a larger version.

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  1. The hours during NTD were dictated mainly by the need to get Amtrak’s normal long-distant trains and passengers serviced. Taken as a whole the 75th event was as grand as the station itself, although some of the “improvements” like the train departure signs are so bland and/or “modern” that they don’t match the Spanish- Art Deco grandness of the station–like putting TV monitors in St. Peters! By putting the original “Art Deco” departure sign out to pasture, one has to walk into the station from the tunnel and look back to see what’s’ going on, making for needless foot traffic. Even though LA METRO is primarily a bus operator, let’s not add “improvement’s” to Union Station that make it look like a “Greyhound station.”

  2. Why doesn’t LAUPT extend the hours? 10 to 4? That is too short, why not also do it on Sundays?

  3. The huge crowds at LA Union Station 75th anniversary also gave us a glimpse on what would happen if everyone in LA suddenly turned to mass transit. LA Metro should learn something from this event to start building Metro as a true MASS transit solution. They need to look ahead with long term solutions, looking at what would happen if 10 million people in all of LA County started using mass transit everyday and build it with that in mind.

  4. It was to crowded and hard to get around. I never did go up on the track level, the line was outrages. This is the second event using the same queue method and it’s just to difficult to see the main attraction. Perhaps two lines, one on each side of the tracks where the equipment is displayed. I did pick up a lot of pamphlets of places to see during my RV trips. Boarded, and took a look at the new bus. Nice comfortable looking drivers seat. Controls well laid out and they actually remembered the operators need a clip to hold their paddle. Also it appears the fare box is well out of the way so w/c patrons can pass with ease. I forgot to check the right side vision currently blocked by fare boxes on some buses. Also noted the push button alternate door operation control is not provided. Was wondering if some bus operators have become so used to them that they are complaining about it not being included. I never liked them. I’m old fashioned and preferred the handle method. Did they improve the lighting in the tunnel. It didn’t seem as gloomy. Had a pretty good time, only saw one person I recognized. Glade to see more food establishments although I chose to go to Phillipes which turned out to be packed.