February 2015 release of SR-710 North draft environmental documents announced

Here is the news release from Metro and Caltrans:

The draft environmental impact report/environmental impact statement (EIR/EIS) for the State Route 710 North Study will be released for public comment in February 2015, Metro and Caltrans announced today. 

In response to community stakeholders who asked for additional time to consider the draft documents, the public review period also will be doubled from 45 to 90 days. Metro and Caltrans want to give the public ample opportunity to study and comment on the series of complex documents for addressing traffic and environmental impacts within east/northeast Los Angeles, the western San Gabriel Valley and the region generated by a 4 ½ mile gap in the original 710 Freeway design that exists between Alhambra and Pasadena.

The draft EIR/EIS will thoroughly analyze five alternatives – Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit, Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management, a freeway tunnel, and a No Build option. Altogether, approximately  50 technical documents will thoroughly analyze traffic, noise, air quality, a health risk assessment, energy effects and other variables.

The data is being processed through a regional travel demand model that predicts future (2035) traffic through analysis of projected travel patterns considering such factors as population and employment growth, goods movement, land use changes and other variables.

Metro and Caltrans are fully committed to ensure that the public has a voice in the process. Detailed analysis for each alternative will be incorporated in the SR 710 North Study draft EIR/EIS. For updates on the revised schedule and project background, go to metro.net/sr710study or facebook.com/sr710study or follow on Twitter @sr710study.


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4 replies

  1. How can there be a problem? Congress passed the ACA without even reading it.

  2. Build the tunnel. It’s the freeway equivalent of the Regional Connector.

  3. How is it even possible to review such a large EIR/EIS with 50 plus technical documents in only 90 days?? It doesn’t seem to me that Metro/Caltrans are committed to giving the public a fair voice in the process.