Gold Line Update: what to expect for this week

Limited train service will be in effect between Sierra Madre Villa and Lake stations as repairs continue on the Gold Line track damaged by last week’s freeway accident.

Gold Line trains serving Allen and Sierra Madre Villa will run every 20 minutes. Service on the rest of the line–between Atlantic and Lake Station–will be every 10 minutes. Metro will run 3-car, full platform trains throughout the day to accommodate this schedule. This schedule will remain in effect until repairs are completed.

Minor update: From 8 p.m. to close of service, the Gold Line will revert to 1-car trains.

Customers should allow for extra time if taking the Gold Line, especially if traveling to or from Allen or Sierra Madre Villa stations. Those who normally park-and-ride from Sierra Madre Villa Station should consider parking at Del Mar or Fillmore stations instead to avoid delays. Parking at Fillmore is limited. Parking at Del Mar costs $2 with proof of Metro fare (a TAP card). Tip: you may have an easier time finding a space if you enter the garage from the Arroyo Parkway side.

Please note, some trains will turn back to Union Station/East LA at Lake Station. This is necessary to reduce train bunching and keep the line running smoothly. Trains traveling between Lake and Sierra Madre Villa will be required to reduce speeds, as crews will still be working nearby on repairs to the opposite track.

Metro would like to thank everyone for their patience as we work to restore normal service. We will try to provide updates on the progress of repairs; follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles and @metroLAalerts for real-time updates.

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  1. And you all know this isn’t going to be the last of delays. Oh jolly, isn’t this great? Maybe we can do a “how many days since it’s been to the next Metro mess up” like those late night comedy shows.

  2. “When will you people learn that the government’s job is not to help you?”

    I learned that when Ronald Reagan said “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

    Still holds true today. When has government done anything right to help the people?

  3. In about a 24 hour period there was:

    1. An accident involving multiple tractor trailers that destroyed a Caltrans protective barrier and allowed damage to the Gold Line.
    2. A suicide on the Red Line
    3. A train on car collision caused by a SOV running a red light and disobeying train signs.

    Can we lay off Metro for like a week?

  4. I’m with B James! For those of us that depart from the Sierra Madre Villa station, can we at least have a schedule so we can avoid sitting for 20+ minutes waiting for the next train to come along.Last night my departure from Union Station at around 5:40 was unacceptable. The train was so crowded that I was pushed up against the doors. If this unreliable service continues I will no longer be taking the Gold Line and I suspect I won’t be the only one.

  5. So much for wishful thinking! Repairs continue to delay our commute 5 days after the 210 accident. 5 days! It’s taking METRO almost an entire week to repair a relatively small area of the track. Does METRO plan on resuming “normal” Gold Line operations when the Foothill Extension is ready?

    Can we at least get a schedule for train arrivals and departures from the Sierra Madre Station other than the generic so-called “20 minute” intervals. Yesterday, I arrived at 6:00 am at the Sierra Madre station, but there was no train until 6:22 am. Today, I arrived at 6:04 am only to see the train depart as I was walking across the bridge!

    At least let us know when the trains will depart from Sierra Madre so we can try to plan our commutes without fluctuating arrivals and departures.

  6. Can someone from Metro please give us a date and time when they think the repairs will be completed here and service fully restored? Thank you

    • Hi Russell,

      At this time, the best estimate we have is within the next few days. We’re working closely with operations to get status reports and will update once we can confirm a date/time. It really depends on how quickly the crews can work, and they are constantly assessing to make sure safety standards are upheld.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  7. When will you people learn that the government’s job is not to help you?

  8. The Nextrip information online is showing all trains going to Sierra Madre Villa, when this is not the case. That needs to be fixed. It is fine presuming you are not headed there.

  9. Charlene: It is truly unfortunate for all of us Gold Line riders to hear of your extended wait without any updates from METRO. Perhaps METRO is simply encountering unforeseen repairs and does not want to alarm their customers.

    I do hope that repairs are complete and/or no further issues arise for Monday’s afternoon/evening commute.

  10. With all the hassles this past 30 days, Gold Line riders should be offered some kind of discount! I paid my Metro monthly fee but then also had to pay for gas on the many days that the Gold Line was not in use. Just sayin’……

  11. This is inaccurate information. I have been at the Del Mar station since 10:55 am. It is now 11:16 am and no southbound train in site. Why is it taking so long with advisories notices. I could have arranged alternate means of transportation. According to the new signboard, my total wait time for one train will be 40 minutes!

  12. I find it disappointing that when the 210 accident first occurred on April 24, the first article stated that the repair estimate would take about 24 hours. And now, 4 days and more than 72 hours after that article, the repair work is still incomplete. I wonder which so-called METRO executive came up with that flawed estimate?

    I can only imagine the potential delays and headaches when the Gold Line extension is complete.

  13. Anna,
    On Saturday afternoon, approximately 4:00PM, some northbound Gold Line trains were turning around at Del Mar Station instead of Lake Station. I was traveling with a group of 20 and this temporarily threw us into a tizzy when this happened. The next train that came along, in about 10 minutes, then took us on to Sierra Madre Villa Station.

    • Hi Dave,

      Our apologies for any confusion! That was straightened out, and we’ll have staff stationed at Pasadena stations to assist customers today.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source