Gold Line Update: limited service restored between Lake and Sierra Madre Villa stations

Friday, 9 p.m.: Some good news for Gold Line riders. Metro’s repair team has cleared one of the tracks between Sierra Madre Villa and Lake stations, allowing limited service to be restored between those stations.

What do we mean by limited? While trains will run every 10 minutes between Atlantic and Lake Station, trains serving Allen and Sierra Madre Villa will run every 20 minutes. In other words, only some Gold Line trains will travel all the way to/from Sierra Madre Villa Station. The others will turn back to Downtown LA/East LA at Lake Station. This is necessary to reduce train bunching and keep the line running smoothly until complete repairs are made.

Customers should allow for extra time if taking the Gold Line, especially if traveling to or from Allen or Sierra Madre Villa stations. Trains traveling between Lake and Sierra Madre Villa stations will be required to reduce their speed, as crews will still be working nearby on repairs to the opposite track.

Those who normally park-and-ride from Sierra Madre Villa Station should consider using the Del Mar or Fillmore lots instead to avoid delays. Parking at Fillmore is limited. Parking at Del Mar costs $2 with proof of Metro fare (a TAP card). Protip: you may have an easier time finding a space if you enter the garage from the Arroyo Parkway side.

Metro will continue with updates via The Source and on Twitter @metrolosangeles and @metroLAalerts as we proceed with repairs.

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  1. Robert: If one is healthy enough, someone could probably walk from the Sierra Madre Station to the Allen Station in LESS TIME than it took you to take the METRO Gold Line from one station to the other.

    I took the Gold Line from Sierra Madre to Union Station this morning, and it took me almost 55 minutes. On Friday, when I used the shuttle service, it only took me 50 minutes in total travel time from Union to Sierra Madre.

    Comparing the Shuttle service to this “Limited” Gold Line service, riding the shuttle is much more pleasant than standing in the cold air, waiting for a train to arrive at a station, but they both appear to be very similar in time. Though when I took the Gold Line this morning, there were NO METRO repairs being completed so there was NOT a reduction in train speed. All the equipment was there, but (surprise, surprise) nobody was working. So I’ll be curious to see how long the travel takes this afternoon when I return to the Sierra Madre Station.

  2. I hope shuttle service will be restored for the week’s commute on Monday till full service is restored. I took the Gold Line from Sierra Madre Station to Allen Station yesterday (Sat. 4/26) evening around 6pm & it took 40 mins. Waited on the platform for 35 mins. The shuttle service was much more efficient only adding about an additional 10 mins to my commute to from Pasadena & Downtown.

  3. I like how this “limited” service schedule is basically what the red and purple line has been experiencing every night for what feels like months.

  4. Is there a Saturday morning schedule for trains departing from Sierra Madre Villa Station?

    • Hi Dave,

      Here is the usual Gold Line schedule. Until repairs are made, trains will be departing from SMV Station every 20 minutes. Hope that helps.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source