Other actions taken today by Metro Board of Directors; First/Last Mile Strategic Plan adopted

Here are a few of the more noteworthy items tackled by the Metro Board of Directors at their monthly meeting earlier today:

•Item 7; The Board adopted the First/Last Mile Strategic Plan and stations to serve as pilot program areas. The Board also approved a companion motion by Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky asks Metro to include two stations along the Red Line (Universal City and NoHo) to the other pilot stations — Bundy and 17th on the Expo Line Phase 2 and Arcadia and Duarte on the Gold Line Foothill Extension. The Strategic Plan is attached to the Metro staff report; it’s a technical document intended to help Metro and city planners best consider different options for getting people to and from transit stations.

•Item 62; The Board approved a living wage program for contract landscape and irrigation maintenance workers under contract to the Board. The policy proposes to increase the hourly rate to $15.67 per hour.

•Item 17; The Board approved a motion by Board Member Paul Krekorian asking Metro staff to report on whether increased revenues may come from digital billboards on Metro properties and more ads on buses and at other facilities.

•Item 41; The Board approved a motion by Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky asking Metro to continue studies for an express bus line between Westwood and the San Fernando Valley that would use the 405 HOV lanes.


•Item 69; The Board approved a motion by Board Member Don Knabe asking Metro staff to reconsider Measure R funding forecasts as well as study future revenues from station gating and the ExpressLanes.

•Item 42; The Board voted to extend the contract for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to police the Metro system for an additional three months — which is through the end of September — for $22.2 million. The staff report says that Metro needs additional time to analyze three other letters of interest about the contract before considering a longer contract for policing the Metro system.


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