Metro Board of Directors' April meeting is underway

The gavel just dropped, thereby starting the monthly meeting of the full Metro Board of Directors.

Here’s the agenda. And here’s a Source post from yesterday looking at some of the key issues that are scheduled to be considered today.

The Board also voted to approve items on the consent calendar. Metro Board Chair Diane DuBois also announced that Karen Gorman has been offered — and accepted — the job of Inspector General for the agency.

Board Chair DuBois also reported on her recent trip to Osaka, Japan, to meet with officials of Kinkisharyo, the firm hired by Metro to build new rail cards. She said that the meeting was encouraged and that she is confident in Kinkisharyo’s ability to deliver the new rail cars on time. The rail cars are needed for the existing rail lines as well as the Expo Line Phase 2 and Gold Line Foothill Extension, both of which are forecast to open in early 2016.

If you want to listen by phone, please call 213-922-6045.

4 replies

  1. the 2014 Short Range Transpo Plan mentions the opening dates for the Expo Phase II/Foothill Extension as November & December 2016. what gives?

  2. Hey, I noticed that the draft SRTP has the Gold and Expo lines both opening in late 2016. Is that the plan now, or just a worst-case scenario?

  3. If Chair DuBois went to Osaka, she surely would also have had the opportunity to ride the Shinkansen, JR West and the Hankyu Railway to see what REAL mass transit is like. Hopefully she brings back and shares the knowledge with other board members on what she saw herself on how Japan is able to run mass transit so efficiently and even at a profit.