Bus detours and increased rail service for this Sunday's CicLAvia


The spring 2014 edition of CicLAvia will take place this Sunday, April 6, along Iconic Wilshire Boulevard. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the six-mile stretch between One Wilshire in Downtown L.A. and Fairfax Avenue in the Miracle Mile will be closed to cars and open to the bicycling, walking, jogging, skateboarding or uni-cycling public.

Of course, car-free also means bus-free, and though the CicLAvia course has four crossing points for vehicular traffic, Metro customers should expect bus detours and delays, including temporary bus stop relocations along the route. Street closures will impact Metro Bus routes beginning at 9 a.m. until approximately 5 p.m. on Sunday. Impacted Metro Bus lines include: 18, 20, 60, 66, 206, 210, 460, 487, Rapid 720 and the Metro Silver Line.

For more information about detouring on specific lines, visit Metro’s CicLAvia Service Advisory page and scroll to the bottom.

On the rail side, Metro will run more frequent and full platform length trains on Red/Purple Lines, with full-platform-length trains on the Blue, Expo, and Gold lines.

If you snap any good bikes-on-transit photos this Sunday, tweet us @metrolosangeles or tag us on Instagram @metrolosangeles! Just remember there is a right and wrong way to take your bike aboard, and knowing this difference is especially important during a crowded event like CicLAvia. If you are a cyclist planning to go Metro to CicLAvia, please review and observe the following rules:

  • When boarding, use entire platform length for more seating and bike space availability. Large groups should separate and enter through different doors to reduce crowding and delays.
  • Board with bikes using doors marked with yellow decals.
  • Always walk your bike within Metro stations or on trains.
  • For everyone’s safety, do not bring bikes on escalators; use the stairs or elevators instead.
  • Elevator priority will be given to passengers with disabilities.
  • Do not use emergency exit gates at turnstiles except during emergencies or unless directed by law enforcement or Metro personnel.
  • Observe all Bikes on Metro guidelines.

Like Metro, CicLAvia offers an alternate way to connect with our wonderful city and each other. To all who attend, have a fun and safe time! And for those who arrive via our buses and trains: thanks for going Metro.

This Sunday's Iconic Wilshire Boulevard event map, courtesy of CicLAvia.

This Sunday’s Iconic Wilshire Boulevard event map, courtesy of CicLAvia.

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