Pictorial, part 1: riders speak at public hearing over proposed Metro fare changes

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Some of Metro’s riders who took the time to travel to Metro this morning to testify to the Metro Board of Directors at the public hearing over proposed fare changes. Photos by Steve Hymon/Metro.

More photos and text later.


Public hearing is underway

4 replies

  1. I was there at the meeting to see what a zoo it was going to be.

    The BRU was nuts! They want things that nobody in the world does, like “free bus fares for everyone.” No wonder they’re stuck in poverty, they only want hand outs! I hope Metro disregards all the comments made by the BRU mob.

    Compared to these guys, the people who asked for distance fares (I think I heard two or three comments about an “option 3” for distance based fares) were far more civilized and rational.

    Besides, if these people are angry why they can’t get good jobs, they should be angry at the lawmakers for making the business environment suck in Los Angeles through high taxes and over regulations that makes businesses leave elsewhere.

  2. If we’re serious about doing a Measure “R2” in 2016, why not keep the fares low at least until then and include enough operating funds in the initiative to maintain low fares going forward?

  3. I wish I could have been there, and am anxious to hear the results of this meeting!

    It is a good thing to make one price (or a small transfer fee) for journeys of more than one leg, since most of us have to change trains.

    But they need to fix the mess that is the TAP cards before they start doing things like raising fares and locking down stations. Please!