No injuries after construction incident at Division 13

After the collapse of the third level of the multi-level bus parking garage under construction at Division 13. Photo: Paul Gonzales/Metro

Project area after the construction failure at Division 13. There were no injuries to any workers on site. Photo: Paul Gonzales/Metro

At approximately 8:50 a.m. today a construction failure occurred at Metro Division 13, a new bus operating division being built in downtown Los Angeles.

Workers were pouring concrete in the upper parking deck of the southeast corner of building B when pour watchers noticed something was amiss. The workers on site immediately cleared the area before the top level collapsed. Thanks to these safety measures, there were no injuries and all 180 workers on the project site were accounted for.

Construction work on the project has stopped and no work will resume until an investigation is conducted by Metro, the contractor and the design firm.

Division 13 has been under construction since late 2012. When completed, the facility will serve 200 buses and approximately 500 employees.

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  1. There already was a Division 13 in Riverside and reusing the number is transit blasphemy!

  2. I hope there will be a serious investigation about this. How, in this day and age, can a building be constructed with such little structural integrity that it cannot support its own concrete deck? Either the engineers goofed or the builders did.

  3. What you are looking at in the provided photo is the newly graded former Terminal 31 which was used as a storage lot for buses in service awaiting their schedule departure times going both south and west out of Downtown L. A. To the left of the photo one can see one of the twin towers, L. A. County Jail. Toward the top of the photo is the Central Maintenance Facility. It is where new buses are prep ‘d prior to going to their Divisions, older buses have major engine, transmission, etc and where buses are repainted. While the MTA Headquarters are on the South-West corner of Caesar Chavez and Vignas this new project is located on the North-East corner. The picture took of the soon to be built on was taken from the MTA Headquarters.

    As planned there will be a new division and Terminal 31 will return for short time storage of buses again.

  4. Could you post a map of the site so we can understand exactly where this is and how much it affects the broader project? Also, was this a bus parking area or just a place for staff to park cars?

    • Hello,

      Here are some photos of the site from before construction, as well as renderings for the completed project. The entire structure will contain parking for both buses and staff vehicles.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source