Other actions taken by the Metro Board of Directors today

It was a very quiet and relatively quick meeting today of the Metro Board of Directors owing to a light agenda. Don’t fret: I suspect the April and May meetings will be far busier — the May 22 meeting, in particular, is when the Board is scheduled to consider fare changes.

As for today, a couple of items of potential interest:

•The Board approved amending Metro’s Customer Code of Conduct to explicitly prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in Metro buses, trains and other facilities. The Code already prohibited smoking, so this is basically a clarification of that rule.

•The Board approved the motion by Board Members Eric Garcetti and Don Knabe seeking Metro to implement a number of technology upgrades, including potentially internet access on buses and trains. Here’s the motion and an earlier post.

•The Board voted to receive and file a staff report on Metro’s executive reorganization plan.

2 replies

  1. Well my input is the fairness to all as a majority. When a person is made to feel uncomfortable if to incite a discomfort within self or those around you we as law abiding citizen respect the nature of our environment.

  2. Wouldn’t a having a prescription from a doctor for using an e-cigarette for the purposes of ending nicotine addiction over-ride anything in the code of conduct?

    Did Metro consult a licensed medical professional when formulating this new law?