City of Azusa held ribbon cutting for 210 Freeway landscaping improvements

Photos: Martin Quiroz/City of Azusa

The City of Azusa held a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the 210 Freeway Landscaping Project. The project, which covered the on and off ramps of the 210 and underpass on Azusa Avenue, was funded $669,000 through the 2009 Call for Projects.

Improvements completed include a pedestrian pathway with decorative sidewalks, wayfinding and bus stop improvements, bike improvements and signs with a few segments that include high-visibility safety bicycle lane striping, lighting and landscaping.

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  1. Given the drought and So Cal water scarcity, do you happen to know if the project used drought-tolerant plants, or xeriscaping?

    • Hi Ross,

      The project used drought-tolerant native plants and also improved the irrigation system, which will lead to less wasted water.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source