Metro debuts new mobile command center

Metro received its new Mobile Command Center this morning, raising the bar when it comes to preparedness for big events and/or emergencies. The command center may look like a giant black mobile home from the outside, but on the inside it has everything necessary to help keep communications, security, bus and rail operations running through any situation that may arise.

The state-of-the-art vehicle is designed for both catastrophic as well as general deployments, such as in the event of natural disasters, security threats, or major sporting or community events. It is a rolling intelligence hub that can be placed throughout various sections of Metro’s network and operate via microwave, satellite, direct connectivity and cellular communications.

The Mobile Command Center was purchased with a $1.2-million California Transit Security Grant Program under Prop 1B.

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  1. It’s the equipment, encryption security and communications equipment that is the $$$… not the vehicle itself. Sorry, but Metro has to buy from a Company which needs to make a profit for itself, simple economics. Metro is not “wasting” money, it may not seem like an investment to everyone, but Metro is being proactive so in case it needs to keep running the system during an emergency (i.e. Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster) they can be on scene and I am going to take a wild guess (and Steve Hymon, please correct me if im wrong) but its not only for Metro staff, but for Law Enforcement (LASD) to use as well.

  2. this morning I saw this thing at union… didn’t know what to make off it… well if the .money came from a security grant, I’m not sure its eligible to be spent on other stuff…

  3. The “equipments” that I see in the pictures does hardly looks like they’re worth $1.2 million to me.

    A big flat screen TV isn’t really an eye opener, so is a corded telephone, keyboard and a mouse.

    I wouldn’t be surprised they just bought all of these things used on eBay and some corrupt government official pocketed the change.

    • It’s a little fancier than your average motor home or shelf at Best Buy but believe what you must.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. More pathetic PROOF of the BLATANT WASTE OF MONEY, the MTA engages in! “investement” in this kind of nonsense, while bus lines are cut AND eliminated! There is more money wasted by the MTA on nonsense like this, and in stuff that DOES NOT MOVE (e.g. Union Station, bus yard rehabilitation, and the North Hollywood Train Depot “rehabilitation”), then that which does (buses and trains)! And the MTA has the AUDACITY to “propose” fare increases! NONSENSE!

  5. You guys spent $1.2 million dollars to buy an overpriced mobile home when you could’ve done the same thing for a lot cheaper by ripping out the seats from one of your old Metro buses and reconfiguring them instead?

    What does this mobile home do that an old Metro bus can’t do? Is it nuclear radiation proof or something?