Upcoming Service Advisory: Heads up for stormy weather

As many are already aware, in the next few days L.A. County may get some of the rain that has been eluding us this winter.

Current forecasts indicate two storms are headed toward the Southland, the first beginning this evening and continuing through tomorrow morning, the second starting Friday morning and lasting through Saturday evening. The storms are predicted to be the wettest the region will have seen in two years.

The oncoming storm via the National Weather Service.

The oncoming storm via the National Weather Service.

There are many reasons to prefer staying indoors during foul weather: hot tea, the sound of rain on the roof, and, what Metro is most concerned with, the increased difficulty of your daily commute. Metro would like to remind motorists and bicyclists to be wary of slick roads and decreased visibility. If driving, reduce your speed and leave extra space between your vehicle and the car in front. When biking, please walk (don’t ride!) your bike on rail station platforms or near bus stops.

For rail customers, additional Metro track and maintenance personnel will be on standby to resolve any potential issues that may arise due to the storms. That being said, passengers should consider a cushion of extra travel time in their normal commute, in case of weather-related delays.

If you are running late, please never run for trains (or buses). This applies as a general rule, but is especially important given the wet, slippery conditions we are likely to experience over the next four days. Where possible, make use of handrails and handholds for extra security.

And finally, customers riding the Metro Blue, Expo, Green, and Gold Lines during stormy weather may note that their train doors aren’t opening automatically. This is because trains may be operating in “passenger door release mode,” which means customers wishing to board or exit the train must press the illuminated, green buttons adjacent to the doors in order for the doors to open. The buttons can be found on both the interior and exterior of the train doors, and will only release the doors when lit up. “Passenger door release mode” helps minimize the intrusion of weather elements on board, improving customer comfort.

So, enjoy this week’s much-needed respite from a particularly dry winter, but please, be safe and alert in foul weather. To stay up-to-date on the status of your bus or train, follow Metro on Twitter at @metrolosangeles and @metroLAalerts, and be sure to check back here at The Source.

Service alerts can additionally be found on metro.net’s home page. The Go Metro app for Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads also includes service alerts.

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