City of Santa Clarita holds ribbon cutting for Sand Canyon/SR-14 Beautification Project

The City of Santa Clarita held a ribbon cutting earlier this morning for the newly completed Sand Canyon Road/SR-14 Beautification Project. The project included improvements to 3.4 acres with environmentally-friendly landscaping and a water efficient irrigation system.

Officials said that beautification of freeway entry points helps maintain property values and supports the city’s and other business organizations’ efforts to attract targeted companies to the area.

Metro provided $1.352 million for the project through the agency’s Call for Projects.

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  1. Not sure if it’s still policy but dating back to RTD/LACTC days the LACTC which did in fact gain control with the MTA merger was against increasing service because it took away money for projects such as this. At one point when the RTD increased service to meet demand after a fare decrease was threatened by the LACTC that all funding would be with held if the RTD did not cut back service to it’s prior levels.

  2. It’s never a waste to plant native, drought resistant gardens, trees, wherever you can find the opportunity. This is helping to cleans our environment. People who use public transportation are helping the environment too. In a courageous way. In not an easy, convenient or lazy way. The riders deserve to have a beautiful view too.

    Just like this post, a beautification of a freeway onramp, do a Beautiful Bus Stop of the Week. It might be hard to find one and that’s my point. Isn’t that a way to get the ball rolling?

    Beautiful Bus Stop of the Week

  3. We need many more projects like these! Let’s forget about improving our transit stations or pedestrian environments, and let’s instead funnel more money towards these “freeway beautification” projects. Because everyone knows it’s much more important to see pretty things as you accelerate onto a major freeway in your private vehicle than improving the conditions actual HUMANS must endure on their way to/from transit stops and at the stops themselves. It’s projects like these that make me lose faith in Metro’s supposed goals and objectives. Keep wasting money making drivers’ view prettier.