@Metrolosangeles Twitter Tuesday, February 25 edition

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I’m trying something a little different this week — putting most of the tweets in chronological order (going backward) instead of categorizing them. It’s kind of interesting to juxtapose the musings, compliments and complaints. And here goes…


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  1. Graffiti and tagging or criminal activity at the stations wouldn’t be a problem if you’d let merchants and retailers open up shops inside the station themselves.

    You don’t see graffiti and tagging in shopping mall walls right? Why? Because there’s more set of eyes and it gives an aura of someone is always watching without the need of over-the-top security presence and the fact that there are people who work at these stores there all the time deters such activities.

    Please start utilizing stations for other things than just waiting for the train. A lot more can be done with them.