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  1. when can the 115,53,55,60,612,254 and bus lines that serve Florence firestone get to see these new buses and when can Florence street and firestone street central and the main streets get to see double buses or either bring back the rapid bus for these lines or either more buses added to the routes to help and assist those lines with over crowding during the busiest times of the day or night and when ca new see if possible either a elevator or escalator or some stairs at firestone station on the northwest side of the station so that people who are trying to catch the west bound 115 bus wont have to risk there lives running along red lights or out in front of traffic going east or west along firestone blvd just to catch the west bound 115 bus and will we ever see anymore buses added to the firestone blue line station or buses that service the firestone blueline station and when will firestone station receive any new updates or upgrades or new canopys and new decals

  2. when can alameda street from long beach to downtown la or further cities north of downtownlos angeles get a bus line that runs down alameda street

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