Calling all veterans in L.A. County


Since April 2012, Metro has led a successful Veteran’s Hiring Initiative with a goal that 12% of new hires be veterans. As part of this initiative, Metro has participated in numerous career fairs, hosted networking events and collaborated with other organizations in an effort to reach into the veteran community.

Metro will also be utilizing the Los Angeles Veteran’s Survey to help improve outreach efforts and effectively engage with the veteran population. If you or someone you know has served in the military and currently resides in L.A. County, you are encouraged to participate in the survey. Your participation in the survey will help Metro gain greater insight to LA’s veteran population, which will help the agency target its outreach effort in hopes of increasing the veteran representation in Metro’s applicant pools and help Metro continue in growing its veteran workforce.

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  1. This is another way to reach our Veterans Population, who are in between jobs or and changing careers. Reaching and Partnering with organizations who represent Veterans is another way to find were our Veterans are reaching for help.

    I support this plan and please reach me I will Volunteer to improve the process with my outreach and contacts I have helping our Veterans.

  2. Honor our vets: You do a great disservice to the brave men and women who served our country by directing hatred to other people you deem unworthy. Shouldn’t the United States of America strive to be a compassionate society that respects liberty and the freedom of expression for everyone? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Los Angeles County public voted in 1988 to require at least 1% of every Metro related construction project budget to go towards station artwork. That’s democracy at work for you. Don’t like it? Bring it to the people for a vote. Public art softens the harsh realities of our built environment and it’s there for everyone to enjoy, including veterans. Here’s a list of some decidedly non-hipster artists that have graced our public spaces with their artistic talents:

  3. They should also be the last people selected duriing a manpower layoff at the MTA. This was not the case in 1997 when the majority of those layed off were veterans while at the same time former LACTC employees who’s acutual jobs were being abolished were moved into those former RTD positions.

  4. Now this is a use of tax dollars that I agree 100% with!

    But I say Metro should do a lot more than just providing jobs to veterans.

    Can we put a freeze on Metro’s useless art budget and use the same money to award disabled vets a lifetime of free rides on Metro? They deserve that much for sacrificing themselves for this country.

    Cities all across America are saying thanks to our disabled vets by offering them free rides on their public transit.

    Metro should have a similar program. These brave soldiers fought for our country, served honorably, and came back home disabled. The least we can do for them is to give them free rides.

    I say that’s a way better use of our tax dollars than wasting them on art made by pot smoking hipters.

  5. I fully support and applaud Metro for this.

    This is indeed a great way to pay respects to our brave men and women who have proudly served our country. Hiring more veterans would also help Metro in many ways through their experiences of handling situations under stress.

    We could stand to hire homeless vets as security guards for Metro Rail stations, especially those that can’t be latched? Vets should get top priority in jobs like these at Metro.

    There is an apartment for vets near Inglewood

    Metro should do a job fair there as there are many homeless vets in that area that are desperate for jobs.