A little "Subway Love" before sunrise, sunset and midnight

Valentine’s Day is two days away and while many are preparing with cards, chocolates, and various singing stuffed animals, Metro is getting psyched with a review of some of transit’s most romantic moments.

Today, a reminder that Before Sunrise, Sunset, and Midnight, there was a train ride:

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Have your own “meet cute” moment this Friday by participating in Speed Dating on the Red Line. If you’ve already got a Valentine, enter the LoveMetroLA Instagram photo contest for a chance to win some great prizes and/or check out our Destination Discounts page with Valentine’s picks exclusively for Metro lovers.

Though your love will likely be unimpressed by a repeat of the “time travel” analogy (can any of us really top Ethan Hawke in smoothness?), the quirky cuteness of “Subway Love” by 70s Dutch boy band The Shorts is sure to put a smile on their face. We can’t stop singing…

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