Watch construction work on Gold Line Foothill Extension and 'Get Lucky' at the same time!

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Seven minutes of awesomeness from our friends at the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, the agency building the 11.5-mile project between eastern Pasadena and the Azusa/Glendora border.

I’ll be touring the project next week — I’m looking forward to seeing all the work done. The project is about half complete and is forecast for an early 2016 opening at this point. The project also includes a large maintenance campus in Monrovia for light rail vehicles — it’s the large construction site just west of the Home Depot on the south side of the 210 freeway

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Gold Line Foothill Extension project continues to take shape; check out the photos of the bridges and canopies

Another big bridge rising for Gold Line Foothill Extension

Gold Line bridge over eastbound 210 freeway is complete! Check out the slideshow

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  1. You know if you actually read the construction authority documents, it says this new part of the line won’t be open to the public until Nov 30, 2016. There’s something they call “substantial completion” forecast for Nov 2015 (1 1/2 month slip), then almost a year later in Aug 2016 they forecast completing all the finish work. Even if Metro compresses its testing schedule and doesn’t need its schedule contingency, it seems unlikely we’ll be able to use this before Sep 2016 (and probably more like Dec). I’m still looking forward to it, though 🙂

    • At this time, I believe the current Metro forecast is for the line to open in early 2016. Of course, that will depend on a lot of things — progress of work, weather, funding, etc.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. @Erik Griswold Well, they aren’t finished yet… They still have much more stuff to install so most likely they’ll be adding the RR-crossing signals and arms last… right before they begin testing out the line..

  3. Are the grade crossings really being built without arms and RR-crossing signals?