Here's the transcript from the Jamzilla chat held earlier today

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Above is an excerpt from the Reddit chat Metro held earlier in the day about the impending Jamzilla on the 405 freeway next weekend. Read the entire chat here.

If you haven’t heard yet, there will 80 hours of lane closures on the northbound 405 beginning late on Feb. 14 and running through early Feb. 18 so the freeway can be paved. Metro, Caltrans and many others are encouraging motorists to avoid driving in the area. Please see the Jamzilla page on for more information.

Here’s how it looked on our end:

photo 2


Yeah, I know. Just a few people and computers shy of Mission Control at NASA… 🙂

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  1. Wait a minute. The ExpressLanes maintenance waiver expires at the end of this month. And the vote to continue the waiver or not is not scheduled until April? Hello?

    So what happens during March and April? ExpressLanes users are going to get dinged $3.00 for the sake of Metro scheduling issues?

    Hooray for bureaucracy!

  2. Not related to Jamzilla but related to Metro’s freeway projects, what is the plan for the account maintenance fee waiver for Metro ExpressLanes?

    First it was waived until October 2013.

    Now it’s waived until end of this month.

    Come March 1, will people be subject to the ridiculous maintenance fee? If so, I’m going to set the calendar to cancel my transponder.

    • Hi there;

      Let me check — I think it remains waived until the Board votes one way or another to continue the ExpressLanes program. That vote is currently scheduled for April.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Considering looks like a website built in the 1990s, I’m surprised that they’re using Windows XP!

    I hate to wonder what Metro’s backend servers look like.

    Just so you know Metro, Microsoft is ending Windows XP support in April. You guys really need to upgrade your IT systems because once Microsoft pulls the plug of supporting XP with remote updates, you’re computers will become vulnerable from malicious attacks.

  4. Why did you create your own subreddit (r/metrolosangeles) instead of using the already existing r/losangeles? The r/losangeles subreddit has 36000 members compared to a grand total of 17 in your custom subreddit.